Saturday, September 14, 2013

Book Review - Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin

5 Second Chance Stars


Forever My Girl is a sweet, loving, all-around adorable read. If you, like me, have a thing for musicians, and reconnections, then this read is for you.

Liam and Josie were high school sweethearts, but one day in college Liam decides to leave Josie to pursue a music career. Ten years later Liam comes back into town and Josie just doesn’t know how to process any of it. Both want closure, but there are plenty of obstacles in their way from finding peace.

Forever My Girl isn’t your typical rocker-comes-back-home love story. Honestly, it wasn’t anything I expected and I loved it. First off, I think the writing style was perfect for me because there were no flashbacks! How is that so you ask? Well, there has to be memories so, yes there are flashbacks, but it’s more like when a character has a quick memory. Heidi writes it in a unique way, where I enjoyed those moments. It’s hard to explain, but you will get it when you read it.

Josie is a florist and she didn’t get any closure when Liam left, but it’s been ten years so she moved on. She has her life and she has a steady boyfriend. Yes, **GASP** there’s a love triangle. I KNOW! I liked a read with a love triangle. I really enjoyed this because it created a nice tension. So, here is Liam. Oh Liam, super successful, super sexy Liam. BUT! Liam hasn’t really moved on from Josie, but he knows what he did was wrong and he just wants to make sure she’s okay.

I just gave you a tiny glimpse of what’s to expect. I didn’t want to give everything away, so you really need to read Forever My Girl. There are no annoying parts and I did have any pull –you-hair-out moments. THANK YOU!!! This read isn’t steamy either, but there’s plenty of sexual tension to keep you going. You just want to root for them from start to finish and there are plenty of reasons why they should be together, but like I said a lot of obstacles in the way to make it difficult.

Look, there’s a reason why this book has been opted for a movie and I am beyond excited for that. I can’t wait to see it and I can’t wait to move on to the novella, My Everything and book 2, My Unexpected Forever.

5 Stars


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