Sunday, October 6, 2013

Book Review - Fallen Crest High (Fallen Crest High, #1) by Tijan


If you haven’t read any of Tijan books, then I’m here to tell you, stop what you are doing and pick one up.  Yep, just do it, go put the word “Tijan” in your search box on Amazon and then do your one click thing, b/c you will get your money’s worth and then some.

Oh I should warn you, this review will be filled with major fan girl moments. Do I have a crush on Tijan? Maybe.  I would like to take this moment to thank all the people that have pushed me to read this book. I even had an author bestie tell me.  Yeah, I have an author bestie, she doesn’t know that b/c I’m like stalker, but anyhow, she told me to read Fallen Crest High several times and so I finally did.


Oh I loved Mason

I loved every-single page.

If I could make love to a book, I would. TMI? I will reframe and will go on with the review now.

This is about two brothers and a girl.  It’s filled with 100% adorable, laugh-out-loud cuteness.

Cheaters are weak. They’re selfish and they’re cowards. No, I’m not a cheater and I never intend to be. 

Samantha’s (Sam) mother just told Sam that her parents are getting a divorce.  Sam and her mother will be shacking it up with the man her mother cheated with.  Sucks right?  So Sam has to move in with her mother’s lover and guess what?! He has two sons. Shocker.  The two sons are Mason and Logan.   All three kids don’t want anything to do with each other.  Mason and Logan go to Fallen Crest Public and Sam goes to Fallen Crest Academy, they are rival schools.

Okay, so that is just the TIP of what the book is about.  Look, I don’t want to go all into it, but let me break it down for you by my personal opinion of the characters and then my overall feelings.

Sam is an incredible, strong, awesome and a little bitchy Heroine.  I love her.  I usually don’t like bitchy Heroines, but damn it, I secretly want to be her.  There’s a lot of shit she has to do deal with. She’s got her dysfunctional family, friend problems and people treating her bad at school.  You want to give the girl a hug, but really she doesn’t need it b/c she’s like fucking tough.

Oh lord, he’s funny, strong, and a major asshole.  Logan is the type of guy you just want to watch a movie with because he will talk the entire time talking and make you laugh the entire time.  If you think funny is sexy, then that’s Logan.

Where do I begin with him. SIGH.  My author bestie told me I would love him b/c he’s a major brute, alpha male (yadda yadda) you know what I mean and damn, she’s right.  I LOVE Mason.  He is a book boyfriend and yes I even have dreams about him.  Just half the shit he does in the book, you are thinking to yourself, Mason, can you do that to me?!  He’s arrogant, broody and kind of mysterious, but in the end he’s passionate and loyal. Um… yes please.

He was sculpted as a statue. The added comfort he had with his body, which he didn’t give a damn if he were naked or wore clothes, took my breath away.

This was my first Tijan read and it will not be the last. I finished this book at 2AM and I started book 2 right away. I’m that much of a psycho.  You guys get it. When I love something, I love it to the fullest and I will admit to you now, I loved this book and I love the author.

READ THIS BOOK and then message me so we can talk about it.

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  1. I just HAD to comment on this post because I am literally as obsessed as you are with this series. The dynamics between the three characters is utter perfection and I totally agree with the Mason Kade obsession. Love your review!