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Madeleine Abducted (The Estate, #1) by M.S. Willis

Madeleine Abducted (The Estate, #1)Madeleine Abducted by M.S. Willis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 This-book-is-fucking-crazy Stars

Two sum up Madeleine Abducted I would say it’s --- > FUCKING CRAZY!!!!

HUGE DISCLAIMER ---- > This book is not for the faint of heart. There are HUGE amounts of graphic violence, sex and intense scenes.

I love me a good kidnapping book, you throw in an assassin, well there’s gonna be a party in my pants people.


Madeleine is a cellist, on the night of one of performances, she is abducted by an older wealthy man, who intends to gift Madeleine, as a sex slave, to his son, Aaron, for Aaron’s 25th birthday. Aaron is no angel, as an assassin since the age of 14, he is tired of the way his father rules the estate and Aaron binds his time before he can take over. However, with Madeleine’s presence, she could disrupt Aaron’s plans.

Overall review

Madeleine (Maddy) is quickly abducted within the first chapter of the book. I love this, there is no BS, we get to the heart of the matter. When Madeleine first arrives at the estate she is introduced to Xander, Aaron’s right hand man. She’s been hit and is completely naked as Xander and other men get her ready for Aaron. At first glance you notice that Maddy’s music has sheltered her and she hasn’t really been exposed to the world.

She is weak and she is a true damsel in distress. I freaking love it.

When we first meet Aaron, we find him cold, distant and basically an asshole. He yells commands towards Madeleine and provides punishment when she disobeys him. But not everything is what it seems. Once you get to know Aaron and see what truly lies behind the mask of the monster you start to understand why he is the way he is.

There is plenty of tension between Maddy and Aaron. This is only one of the many things that happen in the book. Many times Aaron’s father comes into the picture to test Aaron’s loyalties and those are probably one the hardest parts to read in the book.

As stated, there is rape, violence and lots of graphic scenes. The author goes into detail of death, blood and the gore that comes along with it. I was not surprised by these parts. I felt like it was a necessary black cloud that was needed to make this book dark.

Madeleine Abducted needed to be longer and needs a new cover. The book was too short to convey its full emotions. I would say the first half was fine, I got it, I was just glued to the pages. When we get to the shift with the second half, it was a bit rushed and as much as I enjoyed the crazy climax, it was a bit rushed. As for the cover, it does no justice for this book. It’s a beautiful story and needs something less in your face.

However, with those minor complaints aside, it’s a beautiful story about pain, manipulation and love.

If you like dark reads, love kidnappings and intense love stories, this one is for you. But I warn you, it’s fucking crazy.

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