Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ricochet (Addicted, #1.5) by Krista and Becca Ritchie

Ricochet (Addicted, #1.5)

4.5 Stars

I wouldn’t call this a novella, but an in between novel. I can understand why it’s not considered book 2, since Lo is not really in the book, except for memories and a few phone calls here and there. Usually this would irritate me, but I went into this book with no expectations and I’m delighted to say, I really enjoyed it.

It wasn’t just about Lily and Lo’s relationship. I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of Daisy, Ryke, Rose and Conner. I’m pretty close to my sister, so it’s no wonder why I am enjoying this series so much. My favorite part is the interaction between Daisy and Ryke, it’s a little taboo, since she’s 15 and he’s 22, but it’s really innocent. Most of the scenes with Ryke just crack me up and I love his relationship with Lily. They act like brother and sister.

Getting to know a little about Rose and her problems was a nice touch too. I know the sister’s stories are in future books, so it’s good to get a nice set-up. I thought I would be annoyed with reading about Lily trying to be good for the three months Lo is away in rehab. I thought she would spend the whole time trying not to cheat, but it wasn’t the cheating I thought. I am so glad that cheating with another guy never really crossed in the plot.

Really it was about Lily working hard on overcoming her issues. This time, she has help from her friends, family and of course Lo. I usually don’t like flashbacks, but I really did enjoy the memories because it gave me a better impression on what kind of relationship Lily and Lo had growing up. It was kind of cute and kind of heartbreaking at the same time.

I think what I love so much about Lily and Lo’s relationship is the fact they care about each other so much, but it’s not like an all-consuming love. It’s hard to explain, it’s just two people who truly care about each other and are willing to do anything to make each other happy and be healthy. To me it just sounds awfully romantic.

I usually don’t read in between books, novellas or companion novels, but I couldn’t help myself with this one. The reviews were raving and I just love the odd couple too much.

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