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Ignite Me (Shatter Me, #3) by Tahereh Mafi

Ignite Me (Shatter Me, #3)Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

6 Shattering Stars

If you are looking for a new YA book, you need to read the Shatter Me Series

If you are looking for crazy drama, action, romance, dystopian society read, you need to read the Shatter Me Series

If you are looking for a kick-butt Heroine, you need to read the Shatter Me Series

---- > I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! < -----

[General Summary of the plot of the series]

The book is set in a dystopian society. Juliette is a 17 year old girl who has been staying in a sort of hospital/prison. She hasn’t touched anyone in 264 days. Because she can kill anyone who touches her skin.

[Brief Overview of the previous books]

[Shatter Me, Book 1]

Shatter Me, Book 1, is a great intro to the series. You get to know Juliette and really understand the pain she is going through. After being stuck without really any interaction with anyone for 264 days, she gets a new cell mate. Adam. You have to understand Juliette is really messed up in the head. She’s hasn’t had the typical childhood and she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but it’s hard for her to continually push Adam away.

She later meets Warner, the son of the man who has been keeping Juliette in her cell. Warner wants to use Juliette for mass destruction, a weapon for the army he is the leader of.

So there’s a kind of love triangle between Adam and Warner. NOW, I really do hate love triangles, but this one isn’t really. You love Adam so much and want to punch Warner in the face, so you want this drama.

[Unravel Me, Book2]

I wrote a review for Unravel, so if you already read Shatter Me, move to that review. I do not want to reveal what happens. But I just wanted to say that I never really appreciated this book until now. I finally get why Mafi did what she did and went where she went. It all makes sense! Unravel Me is a good bridge between book 1 and 3. At first it’s a big slow, but you really need to understand the history, especially Warner’s history.

[Ignite Me, Book 3 (A.K.A. Ignite my panties on fire]

Oh GOD, WHERE DO I BEGIN?! I had no idea what to expect with this one. I just knew my feelings were crazy crazy mixed up from Unravel me, so I waited a LONG TIME for Ignite Me and I have to say…

IGNITE ME SURPASE ALL MY EXPECTATIONS AND FEELING. IT was beautifully written, threw me for a crazy loop and although I was guarded at first, Mafi just freaking broke down ALL MY WALLS! I LOVED IT!!!!

There will be spoilers from Shatter me and Unravel Me.

So, Warner loves Juliette. Who knew? Okay, we all did, but who knew his character would be just bam, thrown in your face like that. Basically all you need to know with this one is about Juliette wanting to overthrow Anderson. But the BEST part of this read was….


Oh my god, the interaction between the two of them is bananas crazy!!!!!

My Highlights

Kenji < ---- I love him so much. Oh, I could just read a book just about him. He’s so adorable and I love the relationship with Juliette and I am so happy he doesn’t have a crush on her because two guys are enough!

Adam vs. Warner < ---- If you ever wanted to see two sexy men go at it, hot damn, please, yes. It’s sexy as hell and I yes, I re-read those scenes.

Pace < ---- the pace of Ignite Me was perfect! It was a fast pace, quick, no BS read. I LOVED IT. There were zero fillers, zero slow points. I couldn’t get enough of it.

Overall, Ignite Me was perfect. I was just amazed on how much Juliette changed from Shatter Me to Ignite Me. She’s strong, she confident and sexy as heck. As much as this book could be considered fantasy YA, it’s a romance book through and through. No, it’s not over the top steamy, but the tension, the underlying of love, it’s what I LIVE FOR when I read YA books.

I can’t get enough Warner and Juliette interaction. It’s just crazy intense, sweet and makes your heart ache. Oh my gah so good.

I wish this wasn’t the final book, I wish there was 100 more pages, but I am VERY HAPPY on how series ended. It was such a high, it was such a bang. Oh my god, I want to read the novellas. EVERYONE NEEDS TO PICK UP THIS SERIES! EVERYONE!!!

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