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Worth the Fight (MMA Fighter, #1) by Vi Keeland

Worth the Fight (MMA Fighter, #1)Worth the Fight by Vi Keeland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars

Worth The Fight is an easy, fast-pace, boxing romance

Elle is a lawyer. She’s independent and not really looking for a relationship. She has a friendship with benefits kind of thing with her co-worker William, but she doesn’t see herself in a serious relationship with him. He just doesn’t do it for her, but scratch her weekly itch. Nico is a MMF fighter and has been out of the ring for over a year. He still trains and prepares for fights, but no fights are scheduled. A previous fight ending badly made Nico second guess if he will ever fight again.

Nico wants to get out of a contract and consults with Elle for help. Nico, The Lady Killer, is very attracted to Elle and tries to pursue her. Nico isn’t Elle’s type. He has tattoos, he’s a MMF fighter and is rough around the edges, but Elle can’t stop thinking about Nico.

Elle and Nico have a crazy attraction towards each other. I would even call it insta-lust. I kind of wished Elle did something adorable to get Nico’s attention, instead of just being attractive. He basically looked at her and asked her out. It was a little too realistic for my taste.

I will admit, when I first started reading Worth The Fight, I was really put off. Elle was describing her relationship with William and I just don’t understand girls being with people that they do not care about. Is sex that important that you string a person along? Her relationship with William wasn’t a focal point in the book, so I was okay with it overall.

Of course Elle and Nico have past issues. I expected this and wanted it. Something happened to Elle that still haunts her and gives her nightmares and the same with Nico. Are the issues enough to warrant drama? I guess. Do these issues kind of push each other away? A little, there’s enough tension to keep you interested, but not too much where I got angry.

The steamy is pretty apparent in the beginning and it was yummy to read. Yes, Worth The Fight does mirror a lot like other boxing books, like Real, but it’s not like it hinder my reading experience. It was a quick, fast-pace read with some steamy, funny and dramatic scenes.

Worth the Fight (MMA Fighter, #1) AMAZON

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  1. Great review. I have a sample of this but have yet to try it out. Love my some MMA heroes.