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The Edge of Darkness (Darkness Trinity, #1) by Melissa Andrea

The Edge of Darkness (Darkness Trinity, #1)The Edge of Darkness by Melissa Andrea
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5 Stars

The Edge of Darkness is a gripping tale of overcoming fears and finding love

I’ve never read anything like The Edge of Darkness and I simply LOVED IT! Gah, I can’t convey my feelings and emotions on this BEAUTIFUL, Heart-Warming tale.

Araya lives in the dark. Her car accident killing her mother haunts her every day. Araya lives in a tiny apartment with her aunt and uncle. She hasn’t lived her life since that tragic day and she has nothing to look forward, until one day she meets Ryland. Ryland is rich, handsome and his family doesn’t mesh with people like Araya, but Ryland is captivated by Araya’s beauty and innocence. Ryland may be the light in Araya’s dark world.

I had no idea what this book was about and the summary that I read was really vague. I was told I would love this book and darn it, that person was right. You need to read this, you need to jump in head first and get consumed the way I did.


Araya is a fragile nineteen year old who hasn’t lived since she was fifteen. She has to stay with her mean aunt and drunken uncle. She doesn’t do anything, but stays in her room and thinks about the past. Her situation is VERY SAD! I am not giving everything away, there’s a HUGE factor that comes into play with this book and once you find out what it is…


Ryland is your rich boy with a chip on his shoulder. He lives in a dysfunctional household with a mentally abusive father. Ryland’s father wants Ryland to work for the company, but Ryland doesn’t want anything to do with his father. When Ryland sees a pretty red hair girl one day at a park, everything changes.

Ryland and Araya’s relationship forms beautifully. I loved the conversations they had and the underlying innocence of it all. In a way it remind me how much I love reading YA books (not that this is a YA book). Ryland and Araya are adorable. Araya is cagy, shy and kind of on the defence. Ryland is strong, persistence and sweet. The thing I enjoyed most about this book was just seeing two hurt souls using each other to heal.

Both have dark deep rooted issues, but both deal with it differently.


The father comes into play many times in the book and true to form; he’s a villain you love to hate. It’s evil, he’s mean and he will stop at nothing to push Araya out of Ryland’s life. I love these plots, because it’s always about the couple verse the world.

As for the ending, I have to say it, there’s a HUGE OPEN CLIFFY. I nearly died when I got to the last sentence because it will gut you, shock you and make you cry tears, but no worries, book 2 is already out.


The Edge of Darkness (Darkness Trinity, #1) AMAZON

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