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Cold-Blooded Beautiful (Beautiful, #2) by Christine Zolendz

Cold-Blooded Beautiful (Beautiful, #2)Cold-Blooded Beautiful by Christine Zolendz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Intense-DARK-Raw Stars

Cold-Blooded Beautiful is probably the darkest read I’ve have come across. It was beautifully written in the most twisted, gripping, dramatic and gritty way.

This book is not for everyone and is ten times darker than Brutally Beautiful (and even then, I didn’t think that was dark).

There will be spoilers from Brutally Beautiful

Cold-Blooded Beautiful (CBB) picks up somewhat where Brutally Beautiful leaves off. Sam is back to working at the hospital with her new identity. She isn’t working as a surgeon, but she’s starting to live again. Kade and Sam are both trying to move forward, but it’s difficult when both of them have not fully healed from past wounds. Kade still is traumatized by his childhood past (witnessing his class being massacre and Sam is still traumatized by her ex-husband’s abuse.

Kade wants Sam to be herself, he wants her to practice medicine and be the best she can be like before, what he doesn’t understand is what Sam went through and why Sam is the way she is now.

The most important part of this book to me is basically understanding and getting the answer to WHY?

Why is Sam the way she is? What happened to her past? What did her ex-husband really do to her?

All of that is answered in the most graphic and sad way. I simply loved the way Zolendz’s narrative CBB, was just engaging, flowed and I felt like I was part of the story.

YOU FELT FOR SAM!!! You wanted to reach into those pages and give her a big hug

Oh the things she went through, oh the things she had to overcome. On top of all of this, you have the threat of her ex. Even though Sam turned in evidence against her ex-husband, he’s still out there and that’s always nerve wracking.

At the same time, you have Kade, who whole heartily loves Sam. The love that he has for her is very real and very apparent. You can feel his pain when he sees Sam in pain, but can’t but feel sad for Kade too. He has demons he’s trying to overcome as well. I will be honest, I wasn’t really interested in reading his past, to me it didn’t hit to the heart like Sam’s, but it was sad regardless.

A lot of things happen in CBB, but mostly it’s about uncovering the past and seeking peace. The ride isn’t pretty, or easy, but it’s definitely worth taking.

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  1. Hi sweetie. I did not read all your review because you said there are spoilers from Brutally Beautiful and have yet to read it. I can not to dive into this series. I am loving your fanart/banner on the side.

    P.S. It is Capri from Goodreads. I tend to see your reviews there more than your blog.
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