Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fixed On You (Fixed, #1) by Laurelin Paige

Fixed on You (Fixed, #1)Fixed on You by Laurelin Paige
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars

Fixed On You is the PERFECT light and steamy read.

I just finished a really intense book, so I asked my GF what I should read to get me out of my funk, she told me Fixed on You. I can’t believe I waited to so long to pick up this series!

Alayna has a problem, she kind of loves too hard. Whenever she gets into a relationship with a guy, she goes overboard, into stalkerish territory. Hudson is a successful, sexy business man who doesn’t know how to love, but he needs to get his mom off his back. Hudson makes a deal with Alayna. If Alayna can pretend to be his girlfriend to get his mom off his back, then he will pay for Alayna’s school debt. Alayna desperately wants to get out of debt, but she is afraid she may fall for Hudson because of her problem.

The blurb is really adorable. I actually had no idea what Fixed on You was about, for some reason, I thought Alayna was like a sex addict or something. I haven’t read a “cutesy” book in a very long time and I forget how much I miss these kinds of reads.

The relationship between Hudson and Alayna is very cute, there’s a little tension and banter too. You do not have to wait too long to get to the steam and no there’s no “insta-love”, but definitely “insta-lust” and I’m ALL FOR THAT.

I love the alpha billionaire-story line, it’s probably one of my top favorites and Paige really surprised me on how unique the characters were. I’ve never read a character where the Heroine falls too quickly in love, it was very comical and different. Hudson is the typical rich, sexy, play-boy, but honestly there’s nothing to complain about, because he hits the mark.

Fixed on You is a quick, light and very steamy read. I recommend completely. There is also a HEA, so don’t worry, no cliffy. Now on to book 2…

Fixed on You (Fixed, #1) AMAZON


  1. I love the cover. That enough is enough to get me interested. LOL!

  2. Great review. Sometimes we just need a light read.