Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Twist Me (Twist Me, #1) by Anna Zaires

Twist Me (Twist Me, #1)Twist Me by Anna Zaires
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Kidnapping Stars

Twist Me is an erotic novel with an abducting / BDSM theme. Basically, the kind of books I like to read. It’s no secret, I love BDSM books and if you throw in a kidnapping, I’m all over it. Every once in a while I like to read a “light” kidnapping book (if there is such a thing and there is!)

Nora meets a sexy stranger at a club one day and only exchanges a few words with him. Weeks later on a date with long time crush Jake. Nora is later kidnapped and wakes up on an island. Julian is her captor and he flat-out tells Nora that she is his and he is not a good man. Nora must behave or Jake will be hurt.

There are a lot of things I enjoyed with Twist Me. First off, there is no overly dramatic beginning, Nora gets kidnapped right away and we get to the steam, which I like. I didn’t want Julian to be overly nice or Nora act too bratty, I kind of just wanted him to take over her and he did. Nora is the typical virginal Heroine and although she wants to leave the island, she is completely confused with Julian. One minute he’s a sadistic man and another, he’s sweet and gentle. The only company Nora has is Beth, she is kind of like the house manager.

Julian is a big mystery. He doesn’t live on the island exactly. He visits the island every few days when he can get away from business. When he is on the island, his sole attention is on Nora and molding her into the submissive he likes to enjoy. When Julian tries to “teach” Nora in the bedroom, I like how Nora isn’t the typical whinny girl. She doesn’t put up too much a struggle because of she doesn’t want to hurt Jake, but she is very scared of the situation. There is a bit of action when you get to know Julian know and realize he’s a man with a lot of enemies.

I would consider Twist Me a light and easy read because it’s not really dark and there isn’t too much tension. There are plenty of steamy scenes with mild BDSM play. Overall, it was an enjoyable novel and I look forward to the next book, which will continue the Julian and Nora storyline.

Oh, one pet peeve, I didn't like reading the ending at the beginning. If you are like me, just skip the first part.

Twist Me (Twist Me, #1) AMAZON

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  1. YES! You and I are kindred reading buddies. Those are two things I love in a book. Sometimes I try to read other books but they just dont tickle my fancy like that.