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Disarm (The Complete Novel) by June Gray

Disarm: The Complete NovelDisarm: The Complete Novel by June Gray
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Overall 2.5 - 3 stars

Disarm was originally written into six parts, so I will break out my review into six parts. Overall, I am rating the book 3 stars-ish.

Book 1 – Disarm

I liked the beginning. Henry is Elsie’s brother’s best friend, Jason. All three grew up together. Henry and Jason are in the military. Jason dies overseas. Overcome with major distraught, Henry and Elsie grow closer and move in together.

It’s a sad beginning, but I love it! I’m so into the brother’s best friend for some reason. Oh the pain Henry goes through. He is so in love with Elsie but he doesn’t want to pursue her because of his best friend, yeah, I know even though he’s not alive.

Book 2 – Besiege

Henry goes overseas and after six months of waiting, he’s back. I’m really excited for this because I want to know what will happen next?! Major events happened in Disarm.

Elsie is a great character. Yes, it took her awhile to understand where Henry’s coming from, but she’s just going through the emotions. You really do feel for her because Henry isn’t like how he was before.

Book 3 – Retreat

This is where things get kind of tough and really difficult for me. I felt like Henry and Elsie was getting on track with working things out, but Henry is just messed up. I guess I just don’t understand where he’s coming from. I can’t relate. I understand stuff happened overseas, but he’s being a prick and it’s pissing me off.

Book 4 – The Henry Session

This is Henry’s POV, flash back. In all honesty, this book could have been omitted from the series. It was not needed, I skimmed and it was just kind of boring. There were some sweet parts, but I felt like it was kind of already addressed in the previous books.

Book 5 – Engage

Getting back on track with the original tone of the series, I’m ready for Henry to redeem himself and kind of explain and show Elsie why he is the way he is. It’s a short section and I’m warming up back up to the series.

Book 6 – Capture

All things come to an end and you must wrap it up. I felt that Capture had a lot of the same look and feel of Disarm and I was happy about that since I enjoyed the beginning so much.


It was difficult for me to read the book broken into six books. At some parts, I felt like there was some disconnect, maybe it’s because of the Henry sessions kind of threw me off. I really enjoyed the beginning of the series (YAY STEAM!), but it was a slight struggle to get through the second half. I was however, very satisfied with the last book and I am not sure if Henry ever fully redeemed himself, he tried very hard to.

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