Thursday, February 20, 2014

Beneath the Burn by Pam Godwin

Beneath the BurnBeneath the Burn by Pam Godwin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 – 5.5 vulnerable- burning Stars

Dare to be vulnerable with me

I’m a ball of emotions, I was wide-eyed, shocked, shaky and just an emotional mess!!!!


First off, the writing was sublime. I wanted to quote the whole damn book, I loved it so much.

Love is like a series of improbable, lonely notes landing together in meaningful chaos. Where every channel carries a rhythm that conveys an expression of emotion. It doesn’t feel flat or fake or hollow. It’s no exaggerated with overtones. The complexity might feel organized, but the creation is never controlled.

I don’t want to be where you need me. I want to be what you need.

The only way I could describe Beneath the Burn is two VERY damaged souls trying to move on.

Charlee hands down is a WONDERFUL leading lady. She’s so strong and unique. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how she was written. For two years she was held captive as a sex slave, she escaped and survived. We did get glimpse of how she was abused and damn, it’s very descriptive, visual and written in detail. I loved it.

Charlee is no damsel in distress, yes, she was abused and yes she has a lot of people looking after her, but she’s so tough. She takes things on head on and just gets to the brute of it. Like I said, she’s one awesome chick. Of course she is human and is vulnerable and it makes me adore her more. She didn’t escape without emotional scars that kind of left her a little messed up in the head.

And then there’s Jay. At first I wasn’t very fond of Jay. He’s very much the typical rocker, sex-god Hero you read. He doesn’t care about women and uses them for sex only. He was once abused when he was younger and can’t have anyone touching him. But the more you get to know him and the way he interacts with Charlee, you will be swooning. It’s what I always say I love, it’s the can-not-breath-without-each-other-love.

He wants to have a tattoo cover his scars on his back and asks Charlee, a tattoo artist, to cover his back with just black ink. She does more than that. She tattoos a beautiful design to embrace his scars. Jay is so moved by this he kind of starts to fall for her.

Everyone has vulnerabilities. A strong man isn’t afraid to show his

I don’t know what you’re doing to me, Charlee, but whatever it is melts everything else away

Beneath the Burn is so raw, grity, dark and so fucking disturbing, you just didn’t want it to end!

But that’s not the story, oh no. It’s about a shit storm of crazy. It’s about Jay and Charlee dealing with a lot of issues and MANY battles. Charlee’s kidnapper is no regular Joe, but a very rich, well connected business man who is obsessed in getting his prize back.

Gah, how great is that? Two emotionally messed up characters dealing with sexual abuse, past issues and ALSO dealing with a crazy kidnapper who has unlimited connections!!!!

Your heart will be beating out of your chest. It’s a crazy ride and ALL of you need to do it.

Beneath the Burn AMAZON

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