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Worth the Chance (MMA Fighter, #2) by Vi Keeland

Worth the Chance (MMA Fighter, #2)Worth the Chance by Vi Keeland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Fighting Stars

Got to love my MMA Fighter books. Worth the Chance is a light, easy romance read

Olivia (Liv) was Vinny’s tutor in high school. They had an intense, but innocent relationship. Seven years later, Liz is now a reporter and Vinny is a MMA fighter. Liz has to do a story and interview Vinny, but it’s hard to keep her emotions at bay since things didn’t end too nicely between her and Vinny seven years ago.

I really like light and easy books. Worth the Chance was just happy and nice. I was drawn within the first few chapters and I wanted to get to know Liz and Vinny. I didn’t even get upset with the few flashback scenes, because I wanted to know what happened seven years ago.

Liz is a smart, sexy, reporter and works hard at her job. She is working as an intern and wants a full time position at the newspaper. As she interviews Vinny, it’s hard not to be charmed by his flirtatious manner. Vinny is this sexy fighter with chip on his shoulder. His mom is a drug addict and he’s taken care of himself all his life. He loves to fight and he loves women, but he doesn’t respect them. He knows he doesn’t deserve Liz, but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing her.

I was really happy with everything until the 50% mark and that’s when the book shifts and we get to the “tension” … you know the plot.

I really don’t like “issues” being an issue when it can be easily resolved with a conversation

I usually describe this problem as “angst” and I wouldn’t call Worth the Chance a book with a lot of angst, but an irritating plot. I felt like I was waiting throughout the whole book for you know what to hit the fan. I was on edge and I didn’t like it. It thus made the book become a little too predictable and I was getting disappointed.

On a good note the whole “issue” wasn’t a HUGE deal, I mean, yes it was there and yes I was cagy, but there was plenty of Liz and Vinny banter and steamy scenes to keep me entertained. I will continue with the story, because I am really interested in Jax’s story.

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