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Craving Him (Love by Design, #2) by Kendall Ryan

Craving Him (Love by Design, #2)Craving Him by Kendall Ryan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 (More Ben and Emmy Lovin’) Stars

There will be spoilers from book 1, Working It.

It’s more BEN & EMMY!!!! YAY!!!!! MORE SEXY STEAM!!!! YAY!!!

Craving Him picks up right where Working It left off. Ben made a last ditch effort to win Emmy back and Emmy takes Ben back. Fiona may be pregnant with Ben’s baby and so this leaves Emmy going into the relationship with Ben with a bit more guard on Emmy’s heart.

Honestly I couldn’t blame the girl.

I know, I know, Ben was “raped”. I get it. I rather have him raped by Fiona then him cheating on Emmy. It’s a tough situation to be in and I wouldn’t want to be in Emmy’s shoes.

Craving Him had everything you could look for in a Kendall book. There was steam, sweet moments with a tiny touch of angst towards the end.

Ben is doing everything he can to make it up to Emmy. He wants Emmy in his life and knows the situation between Fiona and Emmy is hard. Also, Fiona isn’t making it easy on the “happy” couple. Emmy isn’t Fiona’s assistant anymore and Emmy needs a job. Emmy is putting her time and effort in finding work. Ben still works with Fiona and still has modeling shoots. He doesn’t want to lose Emmy, but he has to stay with Fiona professionally because of his contract.

What I love so much about Craving Him is Ben’s need to make Emmy happy. Ben messed up in Working It. I understand the whole Fiona thing was out of his control, but he could have put more distance between him and his boss right when Emmy came into the picture. I love reading a book where the Hero chases after the heroine. Also, I love how Emmy is reluctant, but she isn’t annoying.

Emmy did frustrate me towards the climatic ending, but overall, I really enjoyed Craving Him. I loved the steam, the love Ben has for Emmy and the crazy drama between Fiona, Ben and Emmy. Overall, Craving Him was a light and less intense read than Working It. It meets all my needs.

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