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Surrender to Temptation by Lauren Jameson

Surrender to TemptationSurrender to Temptation by Lauren Jameson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Tempting Stars

Surrender to Temptation is a mild BDSM read with a hint of dominance, steam and sexy billionaire Hero.

Devon walked in on her boyfriend cheating. She is devastated and decides to quit her job and move away. She ends up in a little town and as she eats dinner she sees a handsome stranger who can’t keep his eyes off of her. Zach is handsome, rich and is very dominate. He offers Devon a job at his company and Devon happily accepts.

Surrender to Temptation has everything a mild BDSM read needs.

Rich CEO billionaire with damaged past CHECK

Newbie submissive Heroine CHECK

Steamy BDSM scenes CHECK

Devon and Zach at first are attracted to each other and to my surprise it wasn’t insta-lust. There was nice tension and chasing on Zach’s part. Zach is very Dominate. He knows what he wants and what he wants is sex with Devon, but sex his way. He doesn’t do “vanilla” sex. Devon is jilted by her ex and she isn’t model thin so she doubts herself. When sexy Zach shows her interests, it’s hard for Devon not to follow his lead, even though she’s a bit scared.

Surrender to Temptation was an easy short read. I really did enjoy it and the steamy factor was nice. The tension between Devon and Zach is up and down. Zach is very hot and cold. Many times Zach pushes Devon away and I got a bit frustrated at the end. I wanted to tell Zach, “Okay enough!” I was happy that Devon wasn’t too much like a puppy and pushed Zach back a bit.

I’ve read a lot of BDSM reads, so I tend to go towards the darker, harsher reads, but every once in a while, it’s nice to read a short sweet one.

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

Note: Surrender to Temptation is also available in five parts.

Surrender to Temptation AMAZON

Series Order (Six Parts)

Surrender to Temptation Part I  Tempted to Submit AMAZON
Surrender to Temptation Part II  Tempted to RebelAMAZON
Surrender to Temptation Part III  Tempted to ObeyAMAZON
Surrender to Temptation Part IV  Tempted to EnticeAMAZON
Surrender to Temptation Part V  Tempted to RevealAMAZON
Surrender to Temptation Part VI  Tempted to PossessAMAZON

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