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A Husband's Regret (Unwanted, #2) by Natasha Anders

A Husband's Regret (Unwanted, #2)A Husband's Regret by Natasha Anders
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 – 4.5 (So much tension!) Stars


I’m a huge Natasha Anders’ fan. She’s one of the first authors I’ve come upon when I started to read romance avidly. She’s only written one book, so I am overjoyed she finally released a second book, even though it’s two years later. I decided to put this disclaimer down because of the low reviews I see.

The Unwanted series isn’t for everyone. First off the writing needs to be polished more, it’s not the smoothest writing and at times the transitions can be confusing. Also, the problems and tension can be fairly frustrating because it’s set by one problem. This doesn’t bother me. I just love reading her books.


Brownwyn and Bryce seemed to have the perfect marriage. Until the day Bronwyn became pregnant. Bryce became very upset with the news and Bronwyn went away. Two years later, their lives are merging again because of their child, but there are a lot of past issues to resolve.


I went into this book without knowing anything, but the title. The title is very fitting of the storyline, you know there’s some blame in there. That is why I love the Unwanted series so much.

You Love to Hate the Hero

Bryce is a mean you know what. He’s says nasty things that you would think that is unforgivable. The story opens will Bryce getting really angry with the pregnancy and it’s a very bad scene. No one wants to deal with a distraught husband and so you feel for Bronwyn.

Bronwyn is battered, single and now has to deal with her pregnancy and raising a child. The book fast forwards two years later where Bryce and Bronwyn meet up again and it’s drama and it’s oh so good!

Bryce says some hurtful things to Bronwyn and you will find out why. This adds so much good tension! Both parties are justified in their anger (in my opinion) and maybe one is more justified than the other, but you slowly start to understand both sides.

I really liked reading how Bryce and Bronwyn interact with the child. Both want to move forward for the sake of the child, but there’s just so much hurt to get through!

I loved the read. It was a start to finish in one sitting kind of book for me.

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