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Hothouse Flower (Calloway Sisters #2) by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie

Hothouse Flower (Calloway Sisters, #2; Addicted, #2.2)Hothouse Flower by Krista Ritchie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I LOVE RYKE AND DAISY SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daisy is all grown up! Daisy is eighteen and Ryke is twenty-five. There’s a slight age gap, but now that Daisy is legal, the gap doesn’t seem that big.

I’m a major fan of this series and Ryke has always been one of my top favourite characters, I think it’s because he’s so sexy and swears like a sailor. Ever since Daisy was attacked in the previous books, she has been kind of scared. She has night terrors and is really paranoid. It doesn’t help that the paparazzi are everywhere. Daisy doesn’t want to be a burden to her sister so she sticks to herself, except for Ryke. Ryke is the only one that knows Daisy’s secrets and is there for her.

Ryke cares for Daisy deeply. He has noticed her since she was fourteen and even though she’s legal now he can’t cross the line he created years ago. Also, Lo doesn’t want Ryke to date Daisy because Ryke’s of reputation.

Two words to describe Hothouse Flower is - > SEXUAL TENSION!

Ryke is so freaking sexy. He’s a sexy mountain climber with a BUNCH of Daddy issues. He adventurous, sexy and has a crazy dirty mouth. As much as he doesn’t want Daisy, he can’t help but be there for her. Daisy and Ryke’s chemistry is off the charts!

I kind of like the whole damsel in distress story line. Daisy is so scared to sleep that Ryke sleeps with her. There is no funny business but no one in the family knows. It works out fine until Daisy goes to Paris for fashion week and Ryke goes mountain climbing.

There’s plenty of interaction with the rest of the gang, Connor, Rose, Lily and Lo, so that worked out perfectly for me! Hothouse Flower is completely different from Connor and Rose’s story too. There’s a lot of adventure though with bike rides, road trips and camp sites, oh my!

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