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White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements, #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements, #1)White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Kissable Stars

White Hot Kiss was an adorable paranormal read with a MEGA CLIFFY!


Layla is half Warden and half Demon. The Wardens hunt Demons and Demons do their own thing. Wardens are gargoyle like creatures (different right?). Demons come from down there. Since she can sense Demons, she tags them so Wardens can later kill them. Layla is in high school and her life is anything but normal. She is adopted by a Warden family and she has a huge crush on her brother type/ best friend Zayne.

The only thing is, Layla sucks souls out, which is really bad, and so she can’t kiss anyone, meaning Zayne and her can never have a relationship (even if he wanted to pursue her). However, there’s a new kid in school, Roth and he changes everything in Layla’s life.


Crazy as it seems, but I like this love triangle.


I loved Zayne! He’s the adorable big “brother”. You can tell he cares for Layla, but there’s a four year age gap and he’s already pressured from his family to mate and start having babies. He only see’s Layla as a kid sister, but something tells me that pretty soon he will see Layla in a different light.


Oh sexy demon Roth, he’s lickable, pursuable and just yummy. I like how his tattoos are able to come off of his skin, it’s different and kind of cute. Roth is kind of mysterious, yet he’s up front. There are times you questions his intensions, but he’s never frustrating and you just want to gobble him up!


Layla is the typical Heroine stuck in a unique situation. She’s not fully Warden and not fully Demon, she can never fit in on either side. She struggles with her need to suck souls and she struggles with understanding what Roth tells her about herself. She’s a strong character, yet still young and still has a lot to learn.


White Hot Kiss was a bit slow in the beginning and I’ll be honest, when I start a new paranormal read, I cringe a bit because there’s all these new rules you need to learn, but once you get the whole Warden verse Demon thingy down, it’s an interesting story line.

I love the Roth and Layla dynamic, they are a cute pair and I love how the side story line is a just one mystery that needs to be discovered. Of course this is a YA novel, so not too much steam, but plenty of sexual tension, but that doesn’t surprise me.

AND of course you have the CLIFFY! It’s hug and it’s gonna gut you. I am not sure I can make it till Oct for the next one, but gosh, I’m dying!!!!!

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