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A Beautiful Distraction (Hard Feelings, #3) by Kelsie Leverich

A Beautiful Distraction (Hard Feelings, #3)A Beautiful Distraction by Kelsie Leverich
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3-3.5 Fallon and Rafe Stars

Fallon is a tough cookie. She’s a stripper and she owns the club she strips at. She’s had a hard past and she doesn’t let anyone get to her. She has her rules and she doesn’t do relationships.

Rafe is a First Sergeant and is back from deployment. He’s hurt because of his ex and he doesn’t trust women easily. When Fallon and Rafe meet, their chemistry is undeniable. Rafe is okay with Fallon’s rules and is willing be at arm’s length… until he starts to have serious feelings.


I liked A Beautiful Distraction. The overall plot and idea was good. You have the tough Heroine stripper (and we all know I love a good stripper book), mixed with a tough military guy. The beginning was a touch slow for me and it was a little hard to get into. Once I got into the Fallon and Rafe dynamics, it started to pick up.

There’s a lot of tug and pull between the two main characters. Fallon is a bit frustrating at times because she is so stubborn. Yes, she is hurt from past pains so that is why she is so guarded, but so is Rafe, so I couldn’t really sympathize too much with. I had mixed feelings with Fallon because I like how strong she was, but I was turned off by how much she pushed Rafe away.

Rafe is a great guy and he has his hang-ups, but I felt like he was really trying to work with Fallon and work on getting over his hurt from his ex. The steam was great though. Rafe is kind of alpha and gets a little jealous with Fallon and her dancing (I love my alpha males). There are some cute moments like when Fallon meets Rafe’s family and she interacts with them.

The ending is a roller coaster of emotions and it’s a lot of drama. If you like a book with a lot of tension, then this one is for you.

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