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Since I Saw You (Because You Are Mine, #4) by Beth Kery

Since I Saw You (Because You Are Mine, #4)Since I Saw You by Beth Kery
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Lin and Kam Stars

Who doesn’t love a crazy workaholic Heroine and sexy smart Hero?!

It’s Lin and Kam’s story. Kam is Ian’s half-brother and Lin works for Ian. Lin has been in love with Ian for a long time, but she knows it’s a one sided feeling. She’s very controlled, works a lot and loves her job. Kam is embarking on a new product and Ian is helping him with it. Ian has Lin working with Kam in helping Kam set up meetings and land deals.

Lin is very professional, but Kam’s advances are hard to push away.


I liked Since I Saw You. The read was a little different from the previous books. I felt Since I Saw You was a bit lighter, steamier and had a touch of BDSM. The BDSM wasn’t the focal point of the story, which I liked because I was mostly focused on Lin and Kam’s relationship developing.


I liked Lin a lot and no, not because she’s Asian (if you didn’t know, I am). I liked her because she’s driven OCD and works like mad. It’s a character I kind of like in a Heroine. Also, it’s kind of sad with her feelings towards Ian. Don’t worry, she doesn’t lust after him during the read, it’s just an underlying feeling you can kind of sense. Who wouldn’t love Ian? He’s so tortured.


I liked Kam too. I thought he was kind of different. He graduated from medical school so he’s super smart, but instead of finishing up and becoming a doctor, he likes to build things and tinker in technology. Nerd alert, I love it. Yes, he does have a tragic past, we know because of his father, but again, it’s not a focal point of the book.


Overall, the chemistry between Lin and Kam worked for me. The steam is off the charts and there’s plenty of it. You don’t have to wait long before insa-lust comes to play. Because Lin works so much it’s hard for Kam to get past her “professional” side. Lin doesn’t sleep with people she works with and there’s a bit of tension of her getting past those feelings.

It’s nice to read the parts where Kam pursues her and he’s very dominate and direct with what he wants. You can tell Lin has an internal battle with herself in letting loose verse being in control.

Since I Saw You was a pleasant read with plenty of steam to keep you happy.

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