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Eternally North (Eternally North, #1) by Tillie Cole

Eternally North (Eternally North, #1)Eternally North by Tillie Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 (Laugh out loud) STARS

Eternally North is hilarious, it has witty and funny dialogue, which makes you feel like your best friend is telling you a story, instead of you reading a book

This is my second Cole book, I read her biker, serious book and so I was really shocked on how LIGHT and FUNNY Eternally North is. It kind of reminds me of Tangled by Emma Chase, just witty and fun dialogue that keeps everything moving forward.

The book starts with Natasha telling you her story. She’s a school teacher and caught her boyfriend cheating on her (the way she found out, is FUNNY). She decides to make a life change and she takes her gay best friend to Canada to live there! She meets super famous Tudor and befriends him.

I love simple girls falling for famous bad boys. I found Tudor really mysterious and very bad boy. He’s a jerk to Natasha at first and it keeps the tension alive! I love Natasha, she’s so funny and she lives life to the fullest. Her best friend is a riot and you will be just grinning from ear to ear.

Tudor can’t have a serious relationship, so he wants to be friends with Natasha, which is fine with her because she doesn’t think she is good enough for him (because she is curvy). But of course the attraction is there and it’s unstoppable!

At times I found Tudor really frustrating. He harbors a lot of past issues, which you don’t know and it will make you pull out your hair. The thing with super secrets, it better be a good one when you find out. I was just screaming at him to stop yanking on Natasha’s chain.

Natasha is pretty strong, but she does have her crying fits and kind of goes crazy after she has fights with Tudor. I would find this annoying, but it’s so funny, I just laughed.

You would think there would be a lot of scenes with paparazzi and such, but here really isn’t. It’s a story about a high profile hero that is keeping a lot of secrets. Mostly Natasha and Tudor do low key stuff, so you don’t get the typical super famous plot, but he still can’t go into the public if he wanted to.

I’m starting to become a huge fan of Cole and I found Eternally North a refreshing and different read.

Eternally North (Eternally North, #1) by Tillie Cole AMAZON

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