Thursday, June 12, 2014

Until November (Until, #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until November (Until, #1)Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Asher Alpha Male Leading Stars

I really liked this one and the only way I could describe it is ASHER!!!!

How could I describe a book by the Hero’s name? I just can and I did. This book is really happy. There’s fluffy, there’s damsel in distress and there is no angst.

It’s the kind of book I love to read when I want that.


November was attacked in NY, but saved by a dog, Beast. She decides to move away from her verbally abusive mother and lives with her father in Tennessee. Her father owns a strip club, but November does the books for the club. One day when November visits the club to work, Asher mistakes her for one of the strippers.


I love November. like I said I love a damsel in distress. She’s the type of Heroine that seems to find trouble, when she’s not even looking for it. I love the relationship she has with her dad, it’s super cute and she’s super close to him. Asher continues to pursue November, but November knows he’s a ladies man and doesn’t want anything to do with him.


If you had a check list of all the things you look for a Hero, Asher would have them.

-Alpha … check

-Sexy … check

- Bossy, Possessive, Protective … check

- Relentless … check

- Loyal, sweet, cute, adorable … check

Seriously I could go on. As much as I love the bad boy and jerk of a Hero, I love it when I get one that is just smitten with the girl. There is no question that Asher is head over heels into November and he does EVERYTHING he can to be with her, even if she agrees to it or not.


What I love most about Until November is how quickly Asher goes after November. There’s no games, no crazy tension, it’s just out there. As he tries to chase her, it’s cute how November reacts. She’s isn’t use to getting that form of attention and when Asher’s brothers flirt with November, it’s really funny to see how angry Asher gets.

November receives threaten letters and someone is after her. We don’t know who, but it’s in a subplot that keeps the book and pace interesting. The best part is just reading the interactions of Asher and November with all the other side characters. You will learn to love the brothers.

I really liked Until November, you take it for what it is and it was a perfect light and happy read.

Until November (Until, #1) by Aurora Rose Reynolds AMAZON

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