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Until Lilly (Until, #3) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Until Lilly (Until, #3)Until Lilly by Aurora Rose Reynolds
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 Sweet Cash Stars

The Until series is a very sweet, long and adorable read. I really liked Cash and Lilly’s story, but then again, I always have a sweet spot for books with kids.

Cash and Lilly had a cute and short romance, which comes to a halt when Cash realizes he knocks up his ex. Cash doesn’t want to be with his baby mama, but he’s too scared she might abort the baby, Cash decides to marry his baby mama and leave Lilly.

Oh but that doesn’t stop the story. When we find out what happens to Lilly while Cash is married and it’s really good.

The first 30% of the book is really good. We find out what happens to Cash and his baby mama and of course sweet Lilly. You will feel for Lilly. She puts up with a lot of stuff and your heart will break. But Cash will own up to his demons and tries his best to do the right thing.

The thing that I like about these series is that the angst level is very low. Cash is no longer with his baby mama and has full custody of his child. He meets up with Lilly years later and realizes he needs to be with her.

No matter what the cost.

The alpha male in Cash is no comparison. He’s all male and very apparent in his goals. He wants Lilly and he will do anything to get her back.

Lilly has spent years with just surviving and moving forward. Of course she loved Cash, but can she really forgive him? As Cash pushes himself into Lilly’s life, Lilly has no choice but to follow along and try to protect her heart.

Between the 30 – 60% of the mark is cute. We read about Lilly and Cash’s relationship and there’s mild tension. Of course the brothers are still there and you get slightly glimpses on what they have been up to.

Towards the end of the book, there’s some drama with the baby mama and it picks up again. Overall, the read is really sweet, a bit slow and a bit descriptive at time, but the plot was really good. I will finish out the series.

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