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Burying Water by K.A. Tucker

Burying Water (Burying Water, #1)Burying Water by K.A. Tucker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Intense Stars

It’s a Tucker book, YAY!!!! I read anything by Tucker, so when I learned she was writing a new series, I was BEYOND excited.

The thing with favorite authors, you tend to have super high expectations. I overall enjoyed Burying Water. I finished it in one sitting and it was very intense, but it wasn’t a SUPER hit I am use to. I think it’s because of the layout.

I’m not a fan of flashbacks. I can’t say it enough. It just irritates me and I find no pleasure in reading past and present tense. So this is my personal issue.

The beginning hits you with a bam and I just loved the prologue. Right away I felt like this was going to be a dark read and I love my dark reads.


I don’t want to give too much away because I think it’s best to go into Burying Water without knowing anything, but basically it starts out with a woman almost on the brink of death. She is found by a man and he’s just distraught that she is almost dead because of him.

Rewind to the past, we learn there is a story between Jesse and Alex. Alex is married to a rich controlling jerk. She isn’t happy with her life, but doesn’t see a solution. Jesse is a nobody mechanic and sees Alex having car trouble one night.

Fast forward to the present, the woman left for dead is called Jane Doe. She doesn’t know who she is, but works hard to start over, damaged body and all.


Burying Water started off great, but the beginning was a bit slow. There’s a bit of buildup. You have Jane Doe going through the emotions of getting better and meeting a bunch of people, like the nurses, doctors and the sheriff. To be honest I didn’t care for this part too much. I kind of read through it quickly. Call me crazy, but I only wanted to read about the main characters.

Then with the flip back to the past, I was really interested in how Jesse and Alex formed their relationship. And again, I didn’t get that spark and chemistry I usually get with Tucker reads. I was surprised on how I felt there was something lacking between Alex and Jesse. I felt like there was insta-lust and not that much interaction to warrant their feelings.

I wanted Burying Water to be a bit darker, because of the beginning was so gritty. I was waiting for the nasty flashbacks, the ones that would make me cringe, but I never got that.

As I got more into Burying Water and things picked up, I started to enjoy it more. I felt like I was closing in on the timeline gap and more of my questions were being answered. It also started to get very angsty and I really liked that.

The ending did feel a little too wrapped up and I thought there would be a book 2 that extended the story, but there isn’t. The book does end and you are left feeling overall happy, but like I said, I had very high expectations. I’m looking forward to the next book though.

Burying Water (Burying Water, #1) by K.A. TuckerAMAZON

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