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Spice (Sugar and Spice, #1) by Seressia Glass

Spice (Sugar and Spice, #1)Spice by Seressia Glass
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Steamy Stars

Nadia works at a café, making sweet treats. Kane is a professor who teaches human sexuality. Kinky I know. Both are looking for a no strings attach relationship and find each other.


First off, I love that Kane is half Asian, yeah fist bump, power to my people. It’s very rare to find the Hero half Asian, so it always brings a smile to my face when I see that. Spice is definitely an erotic read with lots of steam. I forget how steamy erotic reads can be, so be prepared.

I liked how Spice starts out. I liked getting to know Nadia. She’s a recovering drug addict and is trying to move forward with her life. She hit rocked bottom in the past and doesn’t want to relapse. I wouldn’t say her addiction is that prevalent in the book. I’m not a big fan of the drug addict story, so this worked out for me.

Kane is a unique hero. He’s very smart and as a human sexuality teacher he takes his sex seriously. I took human sexuality in college and I can definitely say my professor didn’t act like Kane, which is a good thing. Kane is very attracted to Nadia and doesn’t care about her past. He just wants her in his bed.

Spice tries to be kinky towards the middle parts, but I have a high kink tolerance and you can say I was looking for a little more… spice? There are some good steamy scenes, but nothing that really pushed the boundaries, so this is a good first book for those who are getting their feet wet in the kink department.

Some parts do drag and I found myself glossing over the internal dialogue, it’s a thing with me, I hate narrative writing, so it’s just a personal choice.

As Kane and Nadia get more serious in their relationship Nadia questions if Kane could be with a girl with a dark past and Kane wants to push Nadia’s boundaries .

Overall, if you are looking for a steamy read, Spice is for you.

An arc was provided in exchange for an honest review

Spice (Sugar and Spice, #1) by Seressia GlassAMAZON

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