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When We Met by A.L. Jackson, Molly McAdams, Tiffany King, Christina Lee

When We MetWhen We Met by A.L. Jackson
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4 Overall Stars

I’m not a fan of mini-reads, but I’m a fan of all of these authors, so I took a plunge. When We Met are for short stories from four different authors. Mini-reads are great when you just want to get to the heart and meat of the story. If you are in the mood for that, then this novel is perfect for you.

Behind Her Eyes by A.L. Jackson

Poor Misha, her ex videotaped her having sex with him. She is trying to move on, but the girl is messed up. I would be too. Darryn is the guy next door that just wants to get to know Misha, but Misha doesn’t want anything to do with Darryn. Misha’s story is really sad, I don’t blame her for being recluse and very cautious towards men. She has a slight stutter, which I could have done without, but it adds character. There’s always something tragic with Jackson’s reads, but it kind of works.

Saving Me by Molly McAdams

I thought this one was kind of cute. Indy gets really drunk and she never remembers what happens the night before. I’m not a fan of loose Heroines, especially when she doesn’t even remember who she sleeps with, but Kier is really sweet. Each party, he’s there to make sure Indy makes it home safely. You kind of wonder why the guy is so sweet.

It’s hard to believe a girl can’t remember the previous night, but I’ve never been black out drunk, so who am I to say anything. Indy and Kier kind of have this odd ball relationship, but it works because Indy needs someone to save her and Kier is the guy for it.

Fouling Out by Tiffany King

This was a cute one. Courtney is a waitress and Dalton is the star basketball player. Courtney doesn’t want anything to do with the arrogant Dalton, but Dalton makes it hard for her to continually push him away. I like it when the cocky jock goes after the Heroine, she makes him work for it. Of course they both have issues, but the storyline was cute.

Beneath your Layers by Christina Lee

Chloe is probably most like me, a fashionista set out to make it in the world. I didn’t really care for Blake too much, he builds sets, but it’s cute to read how Chloe and Blake interact since they have to work on a project together. It was short and sweet.

Overall, When we Met is great if you are into mini-reads. You get a little bit of story with a punch of steam.

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When We Met by A.L. JacksonAMAZON

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