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Captured by Jasinda Wilder

CapturedCaptured by Jasinda Wilder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I love Jasinda and Jack!!!!!! I want to slap myself in the face for waiting FOREVER to read Captured

I will be honest. I was scared. Yes, I was scared that I was going to be disappointed and cry my eyes out. Well I cried, but not what you think.

I credit bloody emotional cried because it was just so good!!!!

Captured is part of Wounded (although not linked). You do not need to read Wounded to read Captured, but there are characters from Wounded (kind of like a mini cameo) that pop in. This is also my second novel by Jack and I loved Missionary.

I was never really a fan of military books, but these reads are changing my mind!

The summary doesn’t really tell you what happens so if you want a little more, then read my version, if not, skip to my overall thoughts and opinions.


Reegan is a military wife. She married young and her husband is back on tour overseas. Derek is overseas with Reegan’s husband and both men are CAPTURED! Oh what is there to do?! Reegan is gasp pregnant and now she faces …. Being alone?

My Emotions

I loved Captured from start to finish. It was dark, gritty, emotional, raw and overall exactly what I needed and was looking for.

You will cry, you will be a bloody mess and it will melt your heart and soul… Promise!

I loved Reegan, she’s a strong independent woman raising a baby on her own. I know, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I love those mamas and babies. I 100% understood her character, her struggles and pain. You wanted to immerse yourself into her world.

You will fall in love with Derek. Like I said, I’m not a fan of military guys, but oh boy, it’s hard to not love Derek. He’s so alpha, strong, dominate and determined, but he’s also loyal, venerable and totally sweet! I loved seeing both sides of him. I loved the combat, hardcore Derek and the tortured, kind of crazy in the head Derek as well.

There’s a lot that goes on in Captured. It takes you to a full range of emotions, but what I love most about this book was the romance. The characters were fully developed and completely fit. The chemistry was off the charts and the steamy scenes will leave you blushing.

The book is also very face pace and there’s never any lagging moments. The book is only about the two main characters and I gobbled up the pages.

If you are a Jasinda fan, you have to read Captured. It’s the perfect ugly cry book.


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