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For the Record (Record, #3) by K.A. Linde

For the Record (Record, #3)For the Record by K.A. Linde
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I was really surprised with For the Record. K.A. Linde is known for major angsty books. I feel like I’ve been on this up and down roller coast from Off the Record, but For the Record is not filled with hair pulling out scenes. It’s actually very adorable and will leave you smiling.

I have some reservations with Brady, I guess I can’t get over the whole hiding Liz and being away from her for a year kind of thing (even if it was Liz breaking up with him).

I feel like For the Record was Brady’s redeeming story. He had to step it up and prove to us he could be the book boyfriend I crave to read.

I believe the goal was achieved.

So, Liz and Brady are official and what are we to expect?

Lots of drama, lots of things on Liz’s part and lots of people trying to separate Liz and Brady. What I really loved about this one is that I felt like it was the couple against the world and for once they weren’t working against each other.

I love that Liz and Brady were a united front and I didn’t have to cringe throughout the book.

Liz is still insecure about the relationship because Brady put her on the back-burner for so long, she doesn’t know what is genuine. I actually liked reading Liz’s thoughts and I totally got her. I felt like she always wanted what was best for the relationship, but she was still trying to recover over the hurt.

I also loved reading about the other characters. I want books on Brady’s best friend, Brady’s brother, maybe even Hayden, okay, not him, but you get the point. Linde created such strong side characters, she made me a fan. I just want more!

I love this series and I love the political theme.

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