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Only for You by Beth Kery

Only for YouOnly for You by Beth Kery
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Lustful Stars

If I had to rate Only for You in the steam factor, it would be off the carts. This book is over flown with steamy scenes. It will make any book reader blush. So if you are looking for some of this, THEN THIS IS FOR YOU.

Seth was once in the army, but now he is a Hollywood make-up artist. Okay, give it a chance. It’s not what it seems. So it’s a little hard to believe an army guy becomes a make-up artist, but he’s more than a person that slaps on make-up. He creates characters, think sci-fi and horror movies. He’s like a super artist in the Hollywood community.

Gia is a nobody, but ends up in the same circle of Seth. Seth doesn’t know anything about Gia, except for the fact she isn’t an actress. Seth doesn’t date actresses. With a few spoken words, Gia and Seth share a crazy night together.

If you think I’m asking you to sacrifice a …thing, you’re completely misunderstanding me

I love the beginning. I love how bam, we get the steam. Usually, I love character development and a slow relationship, but somehow this worked for me. I got to the good stuff, ya know? I get why Seth doesn’t date actresses, but it’s kind of hard to, if you are in that field.

Anyhow, nothing amounts to that night and both Gia and Seth never see each other again. Until years later. Years later when Gia becomes this famous actress. Gia, at the time wasn’t a superstar, but she lied to Seth and told him she wasn’t an actress. Well, she didn’t lie, she omitted the truth. Seth is still ticked off about that.

You’re meant to be an actress. I’ve never met anyone who was so perfectly destined for something. But more importantly, it makes you happy. And when it comes down to it, I want you to be happy, Gia

Now, Gia needs Seth’s help. Gia has become a witness in a high profile case and she needs to be hidden away until trial. Only Seth, top make-up artist can transform Gia into a completely new person where no one will recognize her.

And of course, only Seth can be the person that accompanies Gia on her trip to a safe place.

Gia’s disguise is a boy! Isn’t that great? It’s so random. The tension between Seth and Gia is high. He’s so angry with her and Gia is just a confused messed. I like that Seth has to work on Gia to get her into costume and make-up.

Around the 50% mark, things get steamy real quick and there’s a lot of it. This book is only for a certain audience. You will have to be okay with this much steam. It’s an erotic book, so take it for what it is. The second half of the book focuses on the trip and Seth’s issues with Gia. Gia doesn’t play the damsel, but she takes what she can get. So even though they form a short fling, it’s what they both want.

Overall, this is a Beth Kery read. You will get a crazy storyline with lots of sex. If you are a fan of her writing or like books with lots of steam, then this is for you.

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Only for You by Beth KeryAMAZON

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