Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Collision (Portland Street Kings #1)

When I was fourteen years old, I killed for the first time. That day I learned cruelty wasn’t only within the walls we had just escaped.

It hasn’t been easy growing up in the middle of a war. A struggle to find shelter. Fighting to protect our bodies against the corruption of the streets. Nobody cared about the street kids who had to beg and steal to eat.

We are the Portland Street Kings – A family forged through loyalty not blood. To get through this life of broken dreams alive, we’ve become hard, uncaring and merciless. We do what must be done to keep our family safe, we will harm those who stand against us.

We have it all, feared and respected by those on the streets. Then she collided into my world, and with her came demons from my past, back to haunt us all.

Evie Harper is an Aussie author who released her debut novel in 2014. Evie now has two novels out and a new one due out on March 24th - Collision #1 (Portland Street Kings)

Evie is an Australian author whose passion for reading lead her into writing. Evie spends her days writing angsty, heartbreaking love stories and creating happily ever afters. Evie's characters are strong alpha's with even stronger heroines who bring sexy, sass to the relationship.

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