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Hardpressed (Hacker, #2) by Meredith Wild

In Hardpressed, the highly anticipated second book of the Hacker Series that began with Hardwired, Blake and Erica face threats that put both their love and their lives on the line.
Despite Blake Landon’s controlling ways, the young and wealthy hacker finally won the trust of the woman he loves. Internet entrepreneur Erica Hathaway broke down the walls that kept her from opening her heart and her business to Blake.
Ready to start this new chapter in her life, Erica is determined not to let anything come between them, even if that means giving Blake back some of the control he craves in and out of the bedroom.
But when demons from her past threaten their future, Erica makes a decision that could change their lives forever

4.5 Super Fast Pace Stars

Hardpressed is book two of the Hacker series. You must read them in order.

Wow, is all I can say. Hardpressed is a super-fast-pace, no-non-sense read. You will be gripping the pages wondering what happens next. There are so many twist and turns. It will leave you dizzy and beginning for more.

I’m starting to really love this series.

Hardpressed starts off where Hardwired left off. Blake and Erica are still working on their relationship.  Blake is still the bossy and controlling dominate. I wouldn’t have him in any other way. Erica is still super focused on her career.  Both are super in love with each other still. **SWOON**

You’re bossy today.

It’s not a mood, baby. It’s who I am. You’d do well to remember that.

Blake is an investor in Erica’s company. He’s a silent investor and Erica works hard to keep the business and personal relationship separate. Erica hires more people in her company as it expands. So, we see new players and there’s even a glimpse of a slight love triangle with co-worker James **gasp**.

I really like Blake and Erica because the relationship feels like its multilayered and there is so much to them. Blake continues to push Erica in the bedroom (oh my) and it adds some mild and sexy fun kink to the story. He starts to tie Erica up but he is very cautious because of Erica’s past. He doesn’t want to do anything to drastic where he scares her away.  I like that Erica is open to Blake because she loves him so much.

Blake had been a mystery to me in so many ways, but the more I uncovered about him, the more I fell hopelessly in love with the man.

Erica is putting more effort in the relationship, but she wouldn’t be like the Heroine we know if she wasn’t and yes still flighty.  She cares for Blake and would do anything for him. Even if that means she has to keep him at a distance. Of course this makes Blake even more super controlling and more domineering. And of course it makes me love him more!

Erica’s company is being targeted and we are left trying to figure out who it is and why. I love that. We also have to deal with Erica’s dad and his stepson.  What are Daniel’s intentions and will Mark be a problem?

I can’t stress how much I love the tone and pace of Hardpressed. It’s very fast and there’s a lot of action. There was never a dull moment. The book shifts a lot and it will leave your head spinning, but in a very good way.

We’d passed the point of being the best we could be on our own. What we were together had become so much more powerful, a force that took my breath away and made everything secondary.

Mine. You’re mine. Just like this. Your body, your heart. Every part of you

An Arc was provided.


Hardpressed -

Meredith Wild is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of romance. Living in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her husband and three children, she refers to herself as a techie, whiskey-appreciator, and hopeless romantic. When she isn’t living in the fantasy world of her characters, she can usually be found at You can learn more about her upcoming projects at

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