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One Immortal by Tia Louise [Review + Giveaway]

In the ancient cemeteries and forgotten neighborhoods of New Orleans lurks a realm of paranormal activity…

Derek Alexander, former Marine and top investigator in his field, is hunting a killer. Melissa Jones, small-town girl and budding entrepreneur, is running for her life.

When the two intersect at a bar off Bourbon Street, their sexual chemistry is off the charts, and they embark on a weeklong affair.

Derek wants more, but Melissa is hiding a secret that could be the death of them both.

A STANDALONE PARANORMAL ROMANCE, based on ONE TO HOLD, Book #1 in the One to Hold series.

4 Paranormal Stars

One Immortal is kind of like the retelling of One to Hold, but with a paranormal twist.  I would say One Immortal is inspired by the One to Hold story. The characters are the same, Derek and Melissa, but it’s truly a new book. I think all authors should do this. I’m a paranormal junkie and if you are a mega fan of any read, what better treat then to get it again, but a little different.

You do not need to read One to Hold prior to reading One Immortal. One Immortal is a standalone. You also do not need to read any of the books in the One to Hold series prior to reading One Immortal.

Melissa is a vampire and Derek is a vampire hunter. I kind of wanted Derek to be the vampire because of the whole alpha male thing, BUT this way worked for me too. Melissa isn’t a full vampire yet, she has one last deed she needs to do before the process is complete.

The story starts out with a bang and just like One to Hold, it’s insta-lust and chemistry between Melissa and Derek.  I think in One to Hold them meeting was really quick, but in One Immortal it worked out. In paranormal world there are different rules and somehow everything is more heightened.  I enjoy that aspect of the genre.

“He puts me in control while at the same time taking control away, but I’m never afraid or intimidated”

Melissa doesn’t want to hurt Derek, but she is very attracted to him and his blood. She wants to drink from him badly, but she feels like if she does, she will never be able to stop. As Melissa and Derek work out their feelings, Melissa’s ex hunts for her and Derek wants to seek redemption and come to a peace with his trouble past.

It’s an exciting story, jam filled with action and plenty of steamy scenes to keep you interested.

Other characters from the One to Hold series are the supporting characters and even though I didn’t read the other books, I still understood who was who and what part they had in the book. There are also witches, wolves and oh my in this book, which I loved. I love wolves, now if Tia added some angels, then my dreams would be complete.

I give major props to Tia for trying a new genre. Paranormal is not easy to write, but I can see she had a lot of fun in creating the story.  I read One Immortal more like a fan fiction towards One to Hold.

If you are a fan of the One to Hold series, the author or just love paranormal books, you will not be disappointed with One Immortal


I’m trapped beneath him, tears filling my eyes, uncertain what all of this means or what happens now. He saw what I am, but he didn’t pull away. He held me down, watching me writhe in agony and desire, as if he knew what was coming.
Oh, god. A wave of dread tightens my stomach at the thought. He knew what was coming. He knows what I am.
His head is down on his forearm, but he’s still inside me. I wait until he finally lifts it, again looking straight into my eyes. He’s so beautifully mouth-watering. Sweat mingles with the rain on his cheek, and a little drop runs down into his beard.
Without having to see, I know my eyes darken. A whimper escapes my chest as the irresistible hunger burns in my throat.
His brow lowers. “You want to drink me?”
My eyes squeeze closed as a flood of fresh tears fills them, spilling out of the corners and down my cheeks. I take a shuddering breath, unable to deny the truth.
“Can you control it?” His voice has changed. The anger is replaced by curiosity.
Opening my eyes slowly, I study his expression, still stern, trying to understand. I don’t answer. I only watch him, my hunger aching in my gums.
His steel eyes hold mine with such determination. “Do what you have to do, but only for a moment.”
I’m confused by his permission, but I’m too weak to resist him. His grip on my wrists relaxes, and I slowly lift my hands to his broad, muscled shoulders, holding his eyes with mine as I carefully rise to lick the little bead of sweat off his cheek.
A noise rumbles in his throat, and inside me his erection returns. My breath picks up as the flavor of him spreads through my mouth. Rising higher, I press my nose against his heated skin, inhaling fresh rainwater mixed with his delicious woodsy man-scent.
I’m on fire. My moan is matched by his low growl as I trace my tongue along the line of his jaw to the ridge of muscle in his neck. I’m acting by instinct, grazing my razor-sharp teeth lightly across his skin, touching him gently with my tongue. His hips begin to move, thrusting again, and I feel the muscles in his shoulders tightening as his orgasm builds.
At last I’ve found it—the place from before, the little pin pricks. Like before, it’s so easy, a knife in warm butter. I penetrate him, and the hot, thick warmth of his life spills into my mouth.
Instantly, we’re plunged into that orgasmic plane, tumbling down the rabbit hole, lost in a whirlpool of giving and taking inexorable ecstasy.
“Fuck!” He groans as he comes inside me, pulsing long and hard, over and over.
My eyes are closed, my mouth attached firmly to his skin as I drown in the tsunami of pleasure, life flowing into me from all sides.
It’s harder to stop this time. I want more of him, more and more of this. He seems unable to pull away as well. He’s still in me, throbbing and gripping my hips so hard, I think they’ll break.
I might have kept going. I might have… but a beacon of light cuts through the quick thud of his heart beating strong in his chest.
STOP! The voice I recognize as mine echoes through my transformed state. It reminds me what I want. I want this man to live. I don’t want to drain his life and doom myself to living alone as a monster. I want to live with him in the light.
It takes all the strength I possess to pull out. I break my seal with a moan of regret, licking my lips to be sure none of him is wasted.
Dropping my head back onto the bed, I close my eyes to savor the sensation of him swirling inside me. Derek… so strong… my fighter… my hunter…
Only like before, the strange, foreign element is back. It burns longer this time before ultimately disappearing into my bloodstream.
It’s not him. It’s something else. What have you done, my hunter?


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