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Never Let You Go (Never Tear Us Apart #2) by Monica Murphy [Review + Giveaway]

Lies hurt. Lies destroy. I tried my best to understand why Ethan kept his secrets but it was so hard. Until I realized that I couldn't deny myself any longer -- I needed to be with him. We needed each other. Despite my family's wariness, the media's fascination with us, the fact that his father still has a stranglehold on our lives, we belong together. No matter what. I will never let Ethan go. But sometimes love destroys us too, and we're too weak to banish the demons. Especially when our demons are determined to ruin us...

4 Healing Stars
Never Let you Go is the second book in the Never Tear us Apart series. If you were like me, you probably wanted to through Never Tear us Apart at the wall when you finished. The ending came out of the blue and I was in complete shock. Suffice it to say, I waited a long time for never Let you Go.
Never Let You Go begins where Never Tear us Apart ended. If I could describe this book in one word it would be “healing”. I feel like Ethan and Katie are so battered, torn and messed-up that I really this story to be about moving forward, healing and forgiveness.

When Katie realizes Ethan is really Will, you can only imagine how she reacted. Katie left Will and its three weeks later. Will hasn’t really contacted her and both are kind of stuck in this painful / loss state. I felt for Will, my heart ached for him and I completely agreed with his actions. I also felt for Katie and I ached for her and I completely agreed with her actions. So what is the next step?

“I know we can’t be together. It will never work out for us, Katie. I realize that. But for that tiny amount of time that we were together and happy, it was the best time of my life”

Remember the hounding reporting Lisa? Well, she’s plays a bigger role in this book and let’s just say her character is upped a notched. I was really annoyed and frustrated with Lisa’s character because I knew Will’s father was the “villain” of the book, but I felt like Lisa was playing into that role too. She created a little angst and tension in the book.

She also made it difficult for Will and Katie to purse a relationship. The other thing that surprised me in this story is Will’s father POV. Yup, you get it and it wasn’t as hard to read as I thought it would be. I actually liked his side of the story. Call me crazy, but I love reading the villain’s POV of the book.

Katie and Will do not separate long in the book, no, they don’t immediately reconcile, but there’s not a huge length of the book where they don’t interact. In fact, they interact from page one and I love that. I love that Katie is hurt and Will is hurt and both are trying to move past it. Their relationship is sad, but beautiful. 

“I’ll take whatever scrapes you want to give me, though deep down, it’ll never be enough”

“Never will ruin us. I will never let you go, Katie. Ever. It’s like you’re embedded in my very soul”

You do get some flashbacks, but not as much as the first book because you know everything, but it’s nice to get insight, especially on Will’s POV. I loved reading about his past and again, like I said, you ache for him.

It’s a really unique and beautiful story. The first book had my heart racing and this one had my heart aching. It’s the concluding story you do not want to miss out on.

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“Maybe I care,” she retorts. “Think about what this will do to us.”
“What could it do? Force us to admit that yes, we’re in a relationship now? What’s wrong with that?”
“This so-called relationship only happened because you sought me out and then lied to me!” Her voice is shrill, her eyes wild, and she visibly shakes. She’s angry.
At me.
“I never meant—” I clamp my lips shut when I see her hostile expression. She looks ready to pounce. Christ, maybe she’s right. Maybe we shouldn’t have met today. Our hurt feelings are still too close to the surface, too raw and painful.
“Do you really think meeting me today was a mistake?” I need to know her answer, though I might not like it.
Katie watches me, pressing her lips together. I wait for her response, air lodged in my throat, my heart tripping over itself in my chest. I feel like it’s all come down to this. “This won’t work,” she whispers.
“What won’t?”
“Us. The two of us . . . together. We need to accept it.” Her face almost crumples but she somehow keeps it together, all while she slaughters my heart with her words. “We shouldn’t be seen together in public. If anyone recognizes us, it will become this—thing, and soon the media will be talking. About us and our sick relationship. And I don’t want that. I don’t think you do either.”
My spine stiffens involuntarily and I slowly back away from her, holding my hands up in front of me in pure defensive mode. As if my position can ward o the blow only her words can deliver.
I thought my father knew how to pack a punch, saying just the right thing to make me internally bleed. A few choice words from Katie Watts and I feel like I’m near death.

“You want me gone? I’m gone,” I tell her, but I don’t budge. I’m hoping she’ll stop me. Despite the pain she’s causing, I don’t want to walk away from her. Even though it feels like my heart is about to crack into a million tiny pieces. I swear she already broke my heart when she first found out who I really was and ran, exiting my life like she was never in it.
Now she doesn’t want to be seen with me in public. Doesn’t want Lisa to know. The rational side of my brain understands why she might feel that way. But the irrational side, the emotional side, is screaming in agony over her rejection, demanding that I hurt her back.
My vengeful side makes me think of my father.

I rub a hand across my chest to ease the radiating ache, but it doesn’t help. The way Katie watches me isn’t helping either.
“It’s for the best,” she whispers. “The minute she spots us, she’ll tell . . . everyone. And then we’re in trouble. They’ll twist our relationship into this weird, sick thing, and I can’t. I can’t bear it, Ethan. I’ve already suffered through too much and so have you. This—we’re not worth it.”
My mouth drops open. We’re not worth it? She’s the only person in my life who’s worth anything.
“I’m—I’m sorry.” The choked words leave her and I can’t say anything in return.
She turns and leaves, her steps hurried, her at black shoes slapping against the pavement as she scurries away. I watch her go, don’t stop her, don’t say her name. I don’t do a damn thing, as if I’m paralyzed, and I wonder for one crazy moment if I might be.
But I’m not. I’m just struck numb by her words, by her worry. She’s right. I know she’s right. The media will turn our relationship into a train wreck, and with good reason.
We are a train wreck. We shouldn’t have happened, but we did. No one else knows what it’s like to be me. No one under-stands what we went through together except her and me. But she has walked away from me yet again. Practically ran, and I did nothing about it.
Breathing deep, I tell myself to stay strong. Either this will work or it won’t—but I want it to. I’m desperate to keep that connection between us.

Yet I need to understand and respect her feelings. Forgive her for walking away from me so easily. It’s damn hard. That tiny, vulnerable part buried deep within me, that little boy who never felt wanted, the one who spent his entire life moving through it essentially alone . . .
He is devastated.

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Never Let You Go 
Lies hurt. Lies destroy. I tried my best to understand why Ethan kept his secrets but it was so hard. Until I realized that I couldn't deny myself any longer -- I needed to be with him. We needed each other. Despite my family's wariness, the media's fascination with us, the fact that his father still has a stranglehold on our lives, we belong together. No matter what. I will never let Ethan go. But sometimes love destroys us too, and we're too weak to banish the demons. Especially when our demons are determined to ruin us...

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New York Times, USA Today and international bestselling author Monica Murphy is a native Californian who lives in the foothills below Yosemite with her husband and three children. She's a workaholic who loves her job. When she's not busy writing, she also loves to read and travel with her family. She writes new adult and contemporary romance and is published with Bantam and Avon. She also writes romance as USA Today bestselling author Karen Erickson.

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