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Crash (Crash, #1) by Nicole Williams

Crash (Crash, #1)Crash by Nicole Williams
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Stars
I would have given Crash 3.5 stars, but the last few chapters kind of threw me off and I decided to give the book a firm 3 stars.
Lucy is a ballet dancer, she practices for hours at a time and one day she hopes to attend Julliard. Jude is the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Jude doesn’t think Lucy should form a relationship with him and Lucy thinks she can make up her own opinion.

The first 4 chapters were a snore. I picked up the book a few times and had to put it down because I just didn’t think anything good was happening. The book starts out with Lucy on the beach trying to get Jude’s attention and this isn’t the typical heroine I am use to. I was thinking to myself, “Why is she trying to get his attention? This is silly”, but after that part, the book picks up.

Jude really is your bad boy and I don’t mean the tattoo, motorcycle riding, talk-back-to-grown-up’s bad boy, he’s the type of bad-boy who knows people who are in gangs and have no issues raping and killing people. Jude is pretty messed up, has a lot of issues and usually I find that annoying, but I really liked Jude. I was really interested in Jude’s self destruction; he believes he doesn’t deserve anything because of his status in society.

I had issues with Lucy, she was indecisive, irrational and her temper was border-line bratty. She would walk out of situations fine and then do something stupid because she just had to do it and it caused a lot of problems. One moment she is saying how much she doesn’t like someone and then she becomes their best friend, she reminded me of a mean girl. Towards the end, she sort of redeems herself, but her overall character was hard to like.

The book is centered throughout the school year, however, there’s a huge gap of time and I thought that was pointless. Also, Nicole Williams wrote two turning points right at the end. I felt like turning point A should have been presented and fixed towards middle-end and turning point B would have been fine at the end, but since she put two so close to together, I felt turning point B was anticlimactic and didn’t shock me as much. I didn’t know if Nicole wanted to throw the reader off, but if anything it just put me off.

The idea of the story is cute, ballet dancer meets bad-boy, but the execution was a little off. I am not sure if I will be reading book 2, I am not even sure what book 2 will be about, since book 1 was kind of concluded. Maybe new people? Overall, there were a lot of wow this is serious stuff moments and a lot of, get over yourself moments, but overall, it was a somewhat intense book that was nice to read in between the light hearted ones.

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