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Crow's Row (Crow's Row, #1) by Julie Hockley

Crow's Row (Crow's Row, #1)Crow's Row by Julie Hockley
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4 Stars

Crow’s Row will leave you speech less. Let’s get this out first, you will either like or hate the book. I really enjoyed Julie Hockley’s writing style. I get it, it makes sense and it’s just so emotional, passionate, you just can’t get enough of it. Some people will find the writing slow, but I liked the pace. I really got a grasp of Emily and Cameron’s relationship.

The prologue was very confusing and I’m glad it was short and even though you finally understood the reasoning to the prologue, if it was any longer I probably would have put the book down. The book beings with Emily, you get a glimpse of how she lives and what issues she goes through, it’s kind of depressing, but it’s nice to get to know Emily’s character before Cameron is introduced. Emily witnesses a murder and in order to keep her mouth shut Cameron takes her in.

This book isn’t about prisoner/stockholder syndrome, does Emily get taken away? Yes, does she ever try to escape or acts like a prisoner, not really. As Emily stays in the house with Cameron, the book starts to unravel, additional characters are introduced and Emily begins to put missing pieces together.

I LOVE Cameron and not because he’s “bad-boy”, but because of his actions. He’s pure crazy, but the good kind. Cameron helps you understand why he makes the choices he makes and you can’t help, but love and agree with him. Julie’s character wasn’t annoying, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, until towards the end. She has heart and she’s spunky, she fights for what she loves and you have to admire that.

The only thing I wasn’t really fond of is the reference to Emily’s hair, I get it, she’s a red head with freckles, but I guess I could relate to some level since I was once teased by the way I looked.

Julie is very descriptive, but not the annoying kind. She describes what the character’s are feeling and seeing in the way you feel like you are part of that world. She holds back characters and it kind of creates this big mystery to them, little by little everything is solved and when you think everything is winding down, BAM you are hit and it leaves you shocked. This book isn’t for everyone and it’s not for the faint of heart, you will be on your toes until the very end. If you can’t hold off, I would wait for book 2 before reading Crow’s Row, it might just put you over the edge.

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