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Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1) by Kristen Ashley

Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1)Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll start out with a quote from the book

“Baseball or crowbar? Which one would you want if you were in a scary situation?” He paused a second, his eyes holding mine, before he answered softly, “Gwendolyn , I own a gun.”

Oh, how I love funny contemporary romances! This book reminds a lot of the writing style of “Kiss an Angel” by Susan Elizabeth Phillips and “Play for keeps” by Mathewson R.L., both books I am crazy about.

How can I explain how much I love Mystery Man’s character, he has almost all the qualities any red blooded women wants, he’s possessive, aggressive and screams male. Oh yes please, especially when he says stuff like

“I’m here because when you call me baby in bed, I feel it in my dick”

“Is he a satin and lace man?” Tracy asked. “No, he’s a take it as it comes man,” I answered. Or, more accurately, take it off because It’s in the way man”

I know, it sounds dirty, but it really isn’t. Mystery Man, really is a mystery, you start to learn a few things about him at first and it’s sprinkled throughout the book, so the story is always interesting. I love Gwendolyn’s character, I thought she was spunky, she stood her ground and she knew what she was doing, even at times she knew it wasn’t right. Some of things she thinks is just so funny, like,

Oh my God! Did my father just call mystery lover “son” after only knowing him for five seconds? He’d never called Scott “son”. The only thing he ever called Scott was “Scott” and “a pussy”.

The hot-o-meter started ringing like crazy as hot guys descended on me, my car and Tack from two directions. Boy was I glad I curled my hair.

I love it, because it’s exactly what I would be thinking in that situation. How could you not laugh at that, it’s just too funny. More funny quotes I love.

But my mission was to own a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes before I died. Some women had career goals. Some women wanted to be good mothers. Some women wanted to do their bit to save the world. My life goal was owning really beautiful, really expensive shoes.

I think I can sum up this summary on just excerpts from the book, that’s how funny and great the writing is. I’m definitely moving to book 2, Wild Man.

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