Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols

Going Too FarGoing Too Far by Jennifer Echols
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Stars

This is my first Jennifer Echol’s book and I have to say, Going Too Far was midly angsty, but nothing grand or extraordinary, just slightly better than okay.

I’m a bit upset with the summary, although I am fond of short summaries, because I love being surprised, but I don’t like misleading summaries or summaries that omit important information.

Meg is your typical angsty “punk” teenager. Meg lives on the wild side, she likes to parties, hang out with boys and one night she trespasses on private property and gets caught by the police. Officer After is straight by the book and doesn’t like how careless Meg is with her life. Officer After isn’t your typical cop although he’s very young, he acts nothing but like an over protective man.

Meg is too stereotypical, why do “bad” girls have dyed hair and dress Goth or in black? I just can’t stand this, I’m pretty sure there are girls who are bad and wear pink, but maybe this is just a personal issue. It’s written from Meg’s POV, which is okay, but I rather read from both the Hero and Heroine’s perspective.

The writing is very descriptive and there’s a lot of Meg thinking. Usually this would annoy me, but Echols’ writing style kept me interested to a certain point. Let’s just say I wouldn’t complain if there was less descriptive narrative from Meg. Meg’s issues aren’t really apparent and I wish there was a little more explanation to why she is the way she is throughout the book, instead of just the ending.

Officer After is an interesting character, I wouldn’t say I like him, but I didn’t dislike him either. Like Meg, I wanted to see his issues explained throughout the book, instead of the ending. I think there were too many problems written and not enough explanations and character interaction.

If I’d know this was a cop story, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up, but Going Too Far wasn’t so bad. After all, it’s a love story. I’ll give Echols’ another try and just hope this was just a fluke.

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