Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mile High (Up in the air, #2) by R.K. Lilley

4.5 Stars

What does it do to you, when you see someone else put their hands on me? 

He asked

Even the most causal touch

Does it make you crazy

Do you feel like you might do something insane, or even violent?

Does it make your chest hurt, and your insides clench?

Does a red haze over take your vision?

Do you lose all ability to be civil, or even form a coherent thought?


Mile High is book 2 in the UP IN THE AIR series. After giving 5 stars for book 1, In Flight, I was worried, Mile High wouldn’t hold up to the first book in the series, but I was happily NOT disappointed. I would have given Mile High 5 stars, but I have to admit, book 2 was a bit slower than book 1, but still very enjoyable. My review of In Flight CLICK HERE

[Where We Left Off]

It’s been a month since Bianca told James she wanted “space”. I liked this, because it makes me feel like Bianca has been thinking about the relationship and any decisions she makes, she isn’t going into them lightly. James is still head over heels all over Bianca, so he remains his crazy, sexy, dominate self… good! I really don’t want James to change too much, I love his flawed character so much in In Flight, I would have been disappointed if James became aloof in Mile High, but he didn’t.

I would describe Mile High as the continuation of Bianca and James’ relationship and it gets a little deeper and a little more serious. Stephen has a bigger role and we learn a little more of his personal relationship with someone else other than Bianca. I am glad that we get introduced to Stephen’s love interest; I just don’t want him to be left behind! A lot of James’ ex start to pop up and I wouldn’t say “ex”, just woman he has had relations with.


I have mixed feelings with Bianca in Mile High, I still like her a lot, but there are moments where I wanted to say she is either really stupid or she is so insecure she can’t imagine James’ feelings towards her. The man practically lays himself raw and open to Bianca, yet she still questions if he truly cares for her, Ug… I just tried to read past her insecure moments. I am happy to say, most of it is resolved within pages. I like how R.K Lilley doesn’t drag on the silly parts; it’s noted and resolved fairly quickly.


James really opens up in Mile High and any changes James makes it’s towards the better and it makes me as a reader love his character more. If you thought you loved James in In Flight, you will be dreaming about him after reading Mile High. I think I love James character so much because he is just ridiculous… he really is every girl’s fantasy.


Mile High is very much kinkier than In Flight which makes sense because Bianca is more comfortable with the relationship and I’m happy she doesn’t act like the “scared girl”, it can be frustrating to read ignorant girls because …come on it’s not rocket science! Let’s just say, we get playroom, horses and more exposure to how many ways James can “own” Bianca. Oh YES!

I liked In Flight and Mile High was equally an enjoyable read. I recommend.

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