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In Flight (up in the air, #1) by R.K. Lilley

This is probably one of my favorite scenes in In Flight. **Sigh** Loved reading it from Jame's POV!

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5 Stars

In Flight is a deliciously yummy read. I.Could.Not.Stop.Reading.

Bianca is a flight attendant and usually works in first class. James Cavendish is a billionaire who instantly becomes attracted to Bianca on the red eye flight to New York. James is the type of person who always gets what he wants and even though Bianca is mildly interested, James doesn’t stop at anything in getting to know Bianca.

Okay, let’s just say, In Flight has everything I love in a romance book. I wouldn’t call this erotica, even though there are some steamy scenes, the back story is just so GOOD, I consider In Flight a romance novel. So, we have the pretty heroine Bianca, sexy, dominate, aggressive billionaire, James, best gay guy friend Stephen and of course Bianca and James’ secret pasts, which makes ONE.GREAT.READ.

Yes, I’ve read the reviews, In Flight mirrors a lot like 50 Shades, but do I care? Um, H-NO. In Flight was written so well, I was happy from page 1 and I couldn’t put it down until I finished. I would suggest not judging In Flight prior to reading, because that is what I did and so I was very surprised on how much I loved it.

The story isn’t 100% on the airplane; it’s just the theme of the book, because Bianca is a flight attendant. I actually like the airplane scenes because it’s so different and it makes the story interesting. The story begins with Bianca working on the flight she meets James. Within the first few pages, the story starts to steam up and I was worried if this book was going to be completely erotic, BUT it wasn’t, I think R.K. Lilley just wanted to give us a taste and punch us with character introductions.

I love Bianca, I think my only negative comment is that I hate she is 6 feet tall, but that’s just a personal preference. Bianca is a level-headed, self sufficient 23 year-old woman. Bianca’s best friend is Stephan, who is gay and how perfect is that right? I know, maybe it’s cheesy, but it’s better than the girl best-friend I am use to reading. I have a soft spot for Stephan and you will love his character too.

James is just pure Sexy. If you are tired of reading about the rich dominate billionaire, then I do not recommend In Flight, if you are like me and get tingly and excited reading about characters like James, then this is the PERFECT read for you. Stating James is a little controlling would be putting it mildly; James is wickedly controlling and possessive, which makes him even more attractive.

Bianca and James both have pasts and it’s not really the focus of the story and thank GOD, because I can’t stand that. Don’t get me wrong, there is some mystery there, Bianca starts to reveal some of hang-ups right in the beginning, but James’ aren’t uncovered until later, but it’s not drawn out dramatically.

The whole book is just James and Bianca getting to know each other, a kind of story I am going to say again and again… I. Simply. Love. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading characters developing and forming relationship attachments.

I’m not going to say the relationship is 100% roses and cupcakes, let’s just say this book ain’t vanilla, but it’s not as extreme as some other books I’ve read. In Flight has the perfect mixture of crazy and soft that works for me.

I recommend completely.

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