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Providence (Providence, #1) by Jamie McGuire

Providence (Providence, #1)Providence by Jamie McGuire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

”I have kissed boys, some of those boys more than once, that never kissed like that.” Jared closed in and kissed my neck-from collar bone to the line of my jaw-stopping to whisper in my ear. “That’s because you kissed boys, sweetheart”

5 stars

What can I say, Providence=swoon. I judged the book by the cover and summary, I thought I was going into something dark, mysterious and kind of depressing and it’s still very mysterious, but also intriguing and entertaining.

Nina is coping with the recent death of her father and the beginning is just so sad. On her way back from the funeral, she shares a cab with Jared, who is 100% mysterious. I had no idea what direction this book was going to go, so I am glad I went into it blindly because everything was a surprise to me. The book is about Nina discovering the truth to her father’s death and who Jared really is.

It’s very rare for me to say it, but I love both characters equally. I think Nina is awesome, she’s very level-headed, passionate and at times reckless, but usually for a worthy cause. She doesn’t always do things I agree with and sometimes I just think to myself, is she really going to do that? but it just makes the book a little more intense.

Jared is pretty much the whole package and more, he’s very protective and wears his heart on his sleeve. At times Jared can be a bit emotional to the point where it emasculates his character, but I still think he’s great. There’s a slight love triangle with Nina’s best friend Ryan, this I enjoy because you want some friction, also Jared’s sister, Clare isn’t too keen with Nina. I really liked Clare’s character and it made Nina’s character a bit more realistic, because I believe not everyone should love the heroine.

As I was reading Providence, I forgot Jamie McGuire also wrote Beautiful Disaster another favorite of mine. I see a lot of same style of writing with, passionate characters, epic love story and a huge roller coaster of emotions written in the book. I like that Providence isn’t a contemporary romance novel, a little fantasy makes it different. I am ecstatic there’s 2 more books to read and I’m not going to wait a moment and begin book 2, Requiem now.

Definitely recommend read!

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