Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never, #1) by J.A. Redmerski

5 Stars


OMG, How I LOVED every single word of THE EDGE OF NEVER!. I am so glad I was recommended this book. I read the reviews prior to reading THE EDGE OF NEVER and of course all of the reviews were positive, except that the beginning was slow, which I completely disagree!.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE books like The Edge of Never. I love how two strangers meet by chance and the WHOLE book is simply character development. I thought the tone and pace of this book was perfect. I mean, I love fast pace books, but there’s something about two people getting to know each other moment by moment, it’s almost like a slow dance and you just want to savory each step.

Camryn is coping with a lot of issues. She is what I call dealing with a “quarter- life-crisis”, kind of like when you re-evaluate your life. She buys a bus ticket to a random state and on her bus ride she meets sexy, model, tattoo wearing, MP3 listening Andrew. SIGH Andrew and Camryn form a friendship over the trip as they both try to figure out what makes them happy and how to cope with issues.

I think it’s great that Camryn is 20 and not in high school or in her teens, it was more realistic to me. Oh, how I love Andrew and Camryn’s relationship, it’s so sweet, innocent and very endearing, you can’t help but SWOON. The only thing I would change is the whole college thing, but that’s my personal opinion and this is a fictional book, so I digress. I also didn’t understand the title and maybe I need to read more reviews to get it.

The Edge of Never has a soft pace, which works really well for me. As things start to progress towards the middle I really didn’t know what was going to happen. J.A. Redmerski doesn’t really let on anything, which is nice, but there’s an underlying feeling something big is going to happen. I was so wrapped up in the relationship I didn’t really want to know what the thing was. Usually, this would annoy me, but it didn’t.

I can’t gush on how much of a good read The Edge of Never was. It’s the perfect book to read when you are questioning where you are in life and if you are truly happy with yourself.

A definite recommend read!

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