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The proposition by Katie Ashley

The PropositionThe Proposition by Katie Ashley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars

OMGAH, REALLY? I wish someone told me there was a CLIFF HANGER ENDING?!!!. I am so happy book 2, The Proposal is out or I would have busted a cap up in here!

Okay, I need to tone down my emotions, but seriously, The Proposition will do that too you.

Let me just say, The Proposition was one absolutely, one adorable, couldn’t put-down read!!! Who doesn’t like two single people trying to make a baby? It’s just pure fun!

Emma is about to turn 30 and she is very lonely. Her mom died 2 years ago and she hasn’t found a husband, she wants to fill the void by having a baby, but she doesn’t want to use a sperm bank. Aidan is the very handsome, rich and successful VP of Marketing. Emma and Aidan strike up a deal, Aidan will be Emma’s sperm donor only if they conceive the baby naturally.

How cute is the plot? I am just giddy for joy! You throw in two single characters, a baby and guarded emotions and that makes one happy read for me. I am very happy that almost all the issues are out fairly early on. I know, you are asking yourself, how does it make a good read if there is no tension, well let me explain my friend, sometimes a nice light read with light tension can just be perfect sometimes. I liked the lightness of everything and I am very satisfied there were no “mysterious past” I had to uncover. The main story is just the relationship between Emma and Aidan.

I am pretty sure everyone will say that Emma is just pure awesome and my only complaint is that I find her a bit too nice, to the point where it’s a bit unrealistic, I don’t know any person THAT is that LAID BACK, but it’s a fictional story, so I over look it.

I liked Aidan; he was funny, cocky, and very sweet. Some of the things Aidan does, you are just like “OMGOSH that is so Freaking SWEET!” BUT at one point you want to smack him the face. It had to be done, I know, you have to write in tension, it was just unexpected maybe?

There were many cute points in the book, I can emphasis that enough. I found the whole baby making process adorable and a lot of woman can relate to. You have Emma taking her temperature, counting her days until ovulation, etc and then there’s Aidan, just there to do what he needs to do, it’s just funny. The book isn’t all about making a baby; you get introduced to Aidan’s and Emma’s families.
Anyhow, Boo for the cliffhanger ending, but YAY for book 2 already out.

The Proposition is one light-hearted read that will bring a smile on your face, as long as you have The Proposal ready to read next.

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