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When we Collide by A.L. Jackson

When We CollideWhen We Collide by A.L. Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars

I ran my nose up her jaw and whispered in her ear, “I don’t know how to stop loving you.”

WOW that is how I would describe When we Collide. I skimmed the summary and I read a few reviews prior to reading and everything seemed good, but I judged the book by the cover and kind of made me put it on the back burner…. I now wished I hadn’t.

William and Maggie met six years ago and we know something bad happened, but it’s not completely reveled. The beginning describes William’s current successful life in LA and he’s very unhappy. William finds out his aunt is dying and so he travels back home to Mississippi. William hasn’t been home in 6 years because of Maggie.

The book goes back in forth between present and past, six years to be exact and I hate books like this. I hate reading books in past tense form because there just too much tension. And even though I hate tension, I secretly loved it in When We Collide. Sometimes reading an intense book is good because it keeps you on edge and focus.

When the book is in present form, we get the feeling not all is well in Maggie’s life, she harbors A LOT of secrets and deep rooted issues. William is very confused by everything, from the first encounter with Maggie to how Maggie behaves towards William. There’s a lot of friction between Maggie and William. There’s so much pent up aggression, you want to hurry through the book to find out why.

I like how A.L. Jackson reveled the past and Maggie’s secrets, it was scattered lightly throughout the book. You really do piece the puzzle slowly as you progress throughout the story. I had my theories of what happened, but it’s never really known until the end, which I liked. I also like it when authors bring in the title of the book, if it’s not obvious; it’s just one of those questions I liked to be answered.

William and Maggie are relatable characters that you can’t help but love. I know, the situation is very unrealistic, but the characters acted and behaved in reasonable ways I found that I liked. William and Maggie didn’t make good choices, but they sure try to atone for it. I loved William; I thought he was passionate, manly and very smart.

"I meant it then and I meant it now. Nothing could make me happier than promising you my life."

William and Maggie’s story is how I would describe epic, intense, passionate and a little messed up, but their love is very enviable.

"It was unending trust, an overwhelming love, and an intense passion. A consuming need that made me want to bury myself in the man who smiled over at me when he noticed me standing there"

When we Collide is an intense book, a can’t-put-it-down until I finish book and all around great read. I recommend for those who love epic, crazy love stories.

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