Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders

5 Stars!!!

”You’re the sun I revolve around…”

From page 1… I absolutely, jumping-for-joy LOVED THE UNWANTED WIFE!!!

Theresa has been married to her cold husband, Alessandro, for over a year and half and finally she requested a divorced. Alessandro refuses to divorce her until he gets a son. Theresa doesn’t understand why Alessandro won’t divorce her and Teresa is tired of being the quiet “doormat” wife. As Theresa finally voices her opinion, Alessandro sees a different side of Theresa and doesn’t quite know what to do about it.

Okay, so the summary/blurb is okay right? I’ve read the summary so many times and every time I read it, I thought to myself, it’s just not my thing, BUT I kept on going back to the raving reviews and just decided to give it a go, if anything else, I could pick up another book.

Within the first page, you are hit BAM with jam pack drama and I was tingling with excitement. I was really shock with all the intensity, especially reading from the first chapter. I actually was so upset I started late at night knowing I couldn’t finish until the next day.

THE UNWANTED WIFE was written in Theresa’s POV and she really is the perfect Heroine. I didn’t think Theresa was weak nor a doormat, I truly felt she just had enough. Realistically, I am not sure if any sane women could be in an emotional abusive relationship for a year and 8 months, but it’s a story and I went with it.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Alessandro, mind you I shook my head when I read his past mishaps, but really he’s my ideal Hero. He’s very angry, aggressive and wears his heart on his sleeve. Even though everything was from Theresa’s POV, I understood and saw Alessandro’s frustrations. I really enjoyed his character from page 1 to the ending.

There was a lot of character build up and I am so glad a lot of the questions were answered in the beginning of the story. The main story is simply about Alessandro and Theresa’s relationship. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy these kinds of books.

Even though I wish it was longer and I wish I could read from Alessandro’s POV, there were so many things I look for in a book and got ten-folds in THE UNWANTED WIFE. I loved reading the story in chronological order (I can’t stand flash backs). I LOVED the HEAVY DRAMA and high tension, especially the back and forth banter. I loved the character development and having my ideal Hero and Heroine characters.

I truly believe the reviews would have given a 5 star rating if it wasn’t for the grammar mistakes, but this is a self published book, so it’s something I’m very okay with over-looking. I look at the writing style and plot, not necessarily if it’s grammatically correct.

THE UNWANTED WIFE is a GREAT read and I recommend!!!

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