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After Math (Off the Subject, #1) by Denise Grover Swank

After Math (Off the Subject, #1)

4.5 Stars

Tell me to leave you alone so you can have the life you deserve, Scarlett Goodwin, and not get stuck with a f&ckup like me.

The agony on his face tells me he believes every word.

It makes me want him even more

I REALLY enjoyed After Math. I was instantly drawn in by the summary and beautiful cover. When I started my read, I knew within the first few pages I would be taken to a happy place.

I would describe After Math a little angsty and has a relatively mild to moderate tension. This isn’t a light-hearted book, but it doesn’t make me want to pull-my-hair- out. It’s just enough to keep me interested, wondering and anticipating.


Scarlett is your typical brainy-nerd, majoring in Math. She of course is beautiful, but because of her difficult childhood she has anxiety issues and is anti-social. Tucker is a soccer playing, partying, handsome man-whore on campus. Tucker is on academic probation because of his low grade in his algebra class. Hesitantly, Scarlett agrees to tutors Tucker and soon learns there’s more to Tucker than what she and everyone sees on the surface.


Let me just say this…


Sure, I read books where the Heroine is “smart”, but I rarely get one who is so studious, so academically driven, who I cannot but help LOVE! Scarlett reminds me of me and maybe that is why I liked her so much. I get her motivations and I get her issues with being anti-social. My one tiff, I felt that her anxiety wasn’t enough to warrant an “issue”. I kind of wish she has other problems, like severe OCD. Oh and yes, she cries too much! Every time I read “cry” I really did skim that word over and ignored it.

…one small part of me likes that he makes me feel something, even if it’s bad


Oh Tucker, I liked Tucker, but he’s not my favorite Hero. I didn’t like the fact that Tucker’s vice is Algebra, really, Algebra? I mean, couldn’t Denise Grover Swank pick a harder class, like Calculus II, I think I took Algebra my Freshman year, BUT I am digressing and that’s a personal issue with me. I also didn’t like the times Tucker cried. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE venerable Heroes, but it seemed to emasculate Tucker a little bit. Some redeeming qualities I liked about Tucker, he cares for Scarlett and defends her when it’s needed. He can be very sweet, adorable and thoughtful, yet so severely damaged

I LOVED how Scarlett and Tucker’s formed their relationship. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy character development and friendships blossoming into something more. This is my main reason why I felt After Math was just more than a 4 star read.

Thank you for no Flashbacks and I was perfectly fine with Scarlett and Tucker telling me stories from their childhood than me reading a flashback. Honestly, I wasn’t really interested what secrets Scarlett and Tucker were hiding, I was simply interested in how they would work on their relationship.

I went back and forth between 4.5 and 5 stars. After Math easily could have received 5 stars, but there was always something a little off with the dialogue. I felt like some statements were a bit cheesy, over-the-top, and at times awkward. It’s hard for me to admit that because I am a HUGE fan of cheesy dialogue, BUT it didn’t quite flow for me. HOWEVER, this wasn’t anything too major and After Math is still a great read.

After Math comprises a lot of qualities I enjoy in a read. I felt that the story was perfect as a single book, the length was just right and there was enough character issues and tension to keep me excited.

I recommend After math if you are looking for a mild to moderate angsty read.

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