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Me Before you by Jojo Moyes

5 Stars!!!

I laughed… I cried… I’m in an emotional state Me Before You was one of the most moving, soul-searching, epic reads… my hands are still shaking

I am going to tell you my version of the summary because I feel like more should be explained. I was fully aware of what Me Before You was about and I believe in order to appreciate this beautiful tale you have to know what you are getting yourself into.

[My VERSION summary/blurb]

Lou is twenty-seven years old and still lives at home. She has a very safe and normal life. Will was on top of the world, very handsome, successful and with a beautiful girlfriend, until one day he has an accident and it took away everything. Will becomes quadriplegic and has no movement in his legs or arms except for some feeling in his fingers. Will’s mother has been taking care of Will for two years, but decides to go back to work and now needs a care taker for Will. Lou recently got laid off from her job working at a café and with limited skills Lou regretfully takes the job as Will’s care taker.

HUGE Disclaimer

Yes this is a love story, but Me Before You is NOT your typical love story. I don’t want to give everything away, believe me, there’s plenty of twist and turns and I had a few jaw dropping moments, but don’t expect a sweet story with hearts and flowers, there’s none of that. It’s simply a story of two people of not liking each other at first (for different reasons) to forming a deep bond.


I have a lot of books on my tablet and I have been itching to read a story that will just get me stewing, you know that kind of story that just leaves you speechless, a story that you think about days afterwards and makes you really question things…. yeah Me Before you delivers… in ten-folds.

When I first read the full blurb and I knew what the story was about, I was very hesitant, even though I have much admiration for intense slightly morose kind of reads, if it’s not done properly it can leave you feeling like crap, however, the glowing reviews speak for themselves and I had to see what the fuss was about.


I LOVE LOU, I.FELT.FOR.LOU, I wanted to jump into the book, wrap my arms around her and just give Lou a hug Could Moyes created a more PERFECT Heroine, and yes she was Perfect. Me Before You was told in Lou’s POV and there are a few chapters here and there when you read another character’s POV, which usually would annoy me, but it didn’t and it was much needed. It was such a delight watching Lou change and grow from the character she was from the first to the very last page.

I would rather be with you- even the you that you seem to think is diminished - than with everyone else in the world


Oh, words can’t describe my feelings toward Will. I felt every emotion of the rainbow towards Will, I was angry with him, I pity him, felt elated for him, laughed at him and very briefly loved him in my own way Will’s character was such a strong, yet beautifully damaged soul. You question what you would do or feel if you were in his situation. To sum it all up, I have a love/hate relationship with Will, but ultimately I understood him.


From page one I was hit with a BAM! And from there it just leads to something so wonderful, so witty and almost charming at some points. I love the writing style, the flow and it’s a long book, but every word was needed.

The one thing I love in novels and epic reads are slow developing relationships. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to being a part of the story instead witnessing it. I was there with Lou, I was there watching Will, I was simply a part of the story.

I am not sure Me Before You is for everyone and it’s hard for me to explain why. Like I said before this isn’t a typical romance book, but there is love, as much love two people can managed under a dire situation.

If you want an epic read, a read that will leave you with shivers, then you must read Me Before you, but just understand it’s not your typical book and there will be many great moments and many sad ones, but it’s real and RAW and sometimes (like this one) those are the perfect books to be CONSUMED by.

I recommend!!!

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