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Relentless (Shattered Hearts, #1) by Cassia Leo

4 Stars

This guy is trouble. He purses me to the point that begging him to go to bed with him. Plus he’s admitted to having rage issues. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. So why does it feel so right.

I read Relentless without knowing the summary or reading the reviews. I just knew it was a new book with a pretty cover. I have to say, I have mixed feelings.

1% I was hit with a crazy beginning and was instantly drawn

2% through 89% I was happy, enjoying the dialogue and chemistry

90% I gasped, jaw dropped, I wanted to throw my tablet against the wall!!!

Yep, I won’t give anything away, but basically I started with a 5 star review and at that 90% mark and we all know what I am talking about, I just COULD.NOT. TAKE. IT …. I was just slapped and punched in the face, so I dropped to a 4 star rating.

My disagreement is a personal issue with me and anything involving that issue just makes me upset. I just want to stress it doesn’t relate to the writing style.

On to the review…


Claire works at a coffee shop and should be going to college, but she drops out (we don’t know why). Adam is the new tenant where Claire lives. He is very attracted to Claire and peruses her. Because of Claire’s past issues, involving, her mother, ex, financial and school problems, she doesn’t want to start anything with Adam. Adam is a charmer and although he has his own issues, he slowly breaks down Claire’s defenses.

The summary is pretty generic, but I would say the most interesting part of the story is learning about Claire and Adam’s secrets (and there’s plenty).


I.DO.NOT.LIKE.CLAIRE there I said it! I get that she is messed up, I get that she has issues and when she said she couldn’t tell Adam her secret, heck, I even understood that, BUT and there’s a HUGE BUT… she got under me, I felt like her actions were like nails scraping against my skin. Ug, needless to say, she is not my kind of Heroine.


Adam is okay, he’s beach-boy, very laid-back, chill and kind of generic. Yes, he has anger issues, yes he’s handsome and confident, but is it enough? I didn’t have any issues with Adam because he wasn’t annoying, in fact I wonder at times what he saw in Claire, but everyone likes a damaged girl right. There’s a lot of criticism towards Adam because he wasn’t I dunno…. “bad” enough? I get it, we readers like the bad-boys and Adam was missing the mark on that, but I am pretty sure Cassia Leo was painting the exact kind of picture she wanted us to see. I’m leaving it at that.

You’re perfect, he insists as he grabs my face and forces to look him in the eye. “Just the right amount of flaws.


Relentless (despite my rant) was a good read. There are a few more issues I had, like how short the story was, how quickly Adam and Claire formed a relationship and that unexpected twist! I get that Cassia Leo wanted to break the story out, hence the second book and maybe it worked out, because I am not sure I am ready for book 2. I still need time to recover.

There is no cliff-hanger ending, well I guess it depends on how you look at it. There is a cliff-hanger, meaning, there’s a HUGE OPENING for book 2, but you do get your HEA, it’s just kind of well bittersweet? I am not sure how to explain it.

Relentless is not for everyone, so I want to warn people, but I don’t want to give anything away. I just want to say, there’s more to the story than what you read.

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