Thursday, March 14, 2013

Suicide Note by Teresa Mummert

3.5 Stars

Suicide Note is my fifth Teresa Mummert book and I had very high expectations. I felt like Mummert’s previous novels had a few kinks, but it seemed like with each novel, she was working through them.

Although Suicide Note isn’t an epic read, it wasn’t all-round decent.


In my personal opinion, the summary/blurb seemed a little misleading. I expected to read something a little dark and depressing (something I am use to in regarding towards Mummert’s books), but instead I got a light-hearted Adult Contemporary. One more thing, I get the reasoning in naming the book “Suicide Note” but it wasn’t necessary and doesn’t really reference anything except one part, to me this was more to attract the readers.


Jenn has a crappy life, her boss is mean, her family is not supportive, and her ex recently dumps her. Shane, an army soldier, is also recently dumped and isn’t too happy either. Shane is on leave and stops by North Carolina on his way to his home base Main to visit his cousin, Jake, who also happens to be Jenn’s boss.

On with my review…

I like war books because they are dramatic, however I’m more of a historical war fan, than current events kind. It’s difficult to write a compelling and moving book referencing current events (at least for me). So with that said, I just didn’t feel anything for the story.

Yes, the writing was nice, it kept me going and I read it in one read, but there was something lacking. I was not a fan of the flow. The chapters were choppy and too short. I really didn’t care for the timeline either. I believe if the timeline were deleted and some chapters were either extended or meshed together, I would have been happier.

The beginning was good, but around the 30% mark I was wondering if anything else was going to happen. The intro was too long. Finally when Jenn and Shane started to really interact (around the 30% mark) the story got good.

I loved the beginning stages of Shane and Jenn’s relationship, it was cute, very fun and light. It reminded me a lot of how I met my husband, since my husband moved to another country two weeks after we met. Suffice it to say, I get long distance relationships.

The story for me fell flat towards the middle-end. I wasn’t really sure what other issues could be raised because I couldn’t foresee the climatic –ending. And, when we did get to the climatic-ending I was kind of disappointed and rolled my eyes. Jenn and Shane became difficult and annoying to me. Both Jenn and Shane’s actions didn’t make sense.

The last page confused me because I didn’t know if Suicide Note was a series or it ended. Yes, there’s a HEA ending, but the ending was kind of rushed? I think if Mummert wrote a few more paragraphs I would have been satisfied.

I know I have been ranting, but I have faith in Mummert and if the kinks could be worked out, then I foresee epic reads in the future.

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