Saturday, March 9, 2013

Never Too Far (Too Far, #2)

3 Stars

I’m driving you because I’m a desperate man who will take whatever the hell he can get when it comes to you

I am highly disappointed with Never Too Far Where do I even begin? First off, I waited too long for the sequel. Never too Far just didn’t have the same tone and feel as book 1, Fallen too far.

Also, at times, I felt that nothing really happened in Never too Far.

Am I reading the same book as everyone else? I do not see a 5 star book, it actually deserved 2.5, but I bumped it higher because of book 1.

So, Blaire is pregnant and dealing with it. Rush is dealing with the lost of Blaire. There are external characters, like Nan, Grant , Cain, Woods, but other than that, there really isn’t a story line.

Let me sum up the book…

Blaire is pregnant and doesn’t know what to do

Rush misses Blaire

Cain wants to support and help Blaire

Nan keeps on bitching about Blaire

Blaire pushes Rush away

Rush wants to be with Blaire but can’t seem to not mess up

Blaire still pushes Rush away

…. And it goes on and on from there, like a vicious cycle that never ends.


There I said it!!! Where did my fierce, awesome badass girl go? I LOVED her in Fallen too far. BUT this time, I just wanted to slap her!!! I’ll even say it, towards the end, I skimmed! It all seemed obvious and where did Cain go? He just fell off the book around the middle, was he even necessary?

Ug, such a disappointment.

Rush was okay. I liked his possessiveness, but all around, I just didn’t see the “Hero” I like to read. He was dick at 30%, then redeems himself at 50%, then becomes a dick again at 75%, then nice for a few pages, a dick again at 90% and then redeems himself. It’s just felt too unstable.

The only thing and I mean only thing I liked was Woods and THANK GOD, book 3, Twisted Perfection is his story, if not, I would have dropped Glines. I need consistent books and I am so FED UP WITH CLIFF-HANGERS. If you want to write a cliff-hanger book, make it long, make it worth my while, but when I get a short read with a cliff-hanger ending and a anticlimactic sequel? Well I can only be f&cked so far.

Also, was it me or did the ending seemed rush? Sure there’s another book in the works on Blaire and Rush (from what I read), but I just feel like everything should have been wrapped up in this one. I am not sure I want to open another can of worms. The story has been said, stretched and molded, let’s not overwork it.

I know I am ranting, maybe because I am angry I waited so long and maybe I high expectations.

With everything said, book 3 better be darn good.

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