Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Plastic Hearts (Hearts, #1) by LIssa De Jong

3.5 Stars

Plastic hearts are made so they cannot be broken. Cracked maybe, but never broken.

I went back and forth between 3.5 and 4 stars, but ultimately Alex pissed me off too much, especially towards the last 30%.

Alex is rich and her parents are all about appearances. Dane is from the wrong side of the tracks. He has tattoos, is an art major and works as a bartender. Alex and Dane have a class together and despite Alex’s parent’s wishes, she forms a relationship with Dane.

To sum up Plastic Hearts… it’s 100% about Alex freaking out dating a boy her parents won’t like.


Alex freaks out … trying to find herself

Alex meets Dane

Dane is sweet

Dane is sweet

Alex freaks out

Dane is sweet

Alex REALLY freaks out

Dane is sweet

… that’s it.

I didn’t like Plastic Hearts, but didn’t dislike it. Overall, the story was okay. There were a few quotable moments and I enjoyed Dane. Dane is adorable, very swoon worthy and yes there were “Travis Maddox” moments, but Alex kind of messes it up for me.

It was the glasses


They are sexy as hell and if you wear them to the library or anywhere else again, I’m going to…

Going to what?

I’m going to f&ck you and I won’t care who’s watching

I liked the dramatic moments, but I wished they weren’t so obvious and annoying. The first 70% was decent. Yes, there were some hiccups along the way and I loved the tension and banter between Alex and Dane, BUT the last 30% was just the downfall.

If I could just slap Alex and say oh get the F over it! So your parents are strict, Dane is so freaking sweet, are you crazy?!

Falling for him could easily turn my heart to glass and shatter it into a million little pieces, but I couldn’t stop myself.

I didn’t think parents not approving your boyfriend was enough of a reason for all the drama. Also, I found some of the moments awkward and little too forced, Plastic Hearts tried too hard to be like Beautiful Disaster or it reminded me a lot like Beautiful Disaster (which could be good or bad on how you look at it)

A notable first try and I’m not giving up on Lisa De Jong. I just hope the kinks are worked out in the next book. I will more than likely read it.

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